Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness

For the second year in a row, I've decided to enter my company's March Madness bracket competition thingamajiggy. I found out that both second place and last place win $25 so I figure my complete lack of knowledge in this field could actually win me some money.

What I can't decide is how to choose. These are the options I'm exploring:

1. States/cities I like
2. Mascots
3. Jersey color
4. Player attractiveness

For example, between Michigan State and New Mexico State, I'd have to choose Michigan State since I'm from Michigan.

Between the University of Kentucky's Wildcats and Tennessee State's Bluetick Coonhound, I'm going to go with Kentucky. I mean, the wildcat scares me, but what the heck is a bluetick coonhound!? Let's be real.

And then between Baylor and Sam Houston State, it'd have to be Baylor because I look horrible in orange, which is the S.H.S. jersey color.

As far as the ultimate winner is concerned, I think I'll go with Utah State because I saw part of a game the other night and one of their players is pretty cute. They lost the game I watched but that only makes me want to choose them even more for #1.

No matter how you look at it, I'm about to become $25 richer.


The Boob Nazi said...

Pick it based on player cuteness and jersey color. DO IT.

karajean said...

It was fun meeting you yesterday! I love meeting internet people in real life! :)

And I love your system! Genius! Have fun with the money!

Sarah said...

Oh dear me, that Utah State player WAS dreamy...think I could find myself a "Quayle" jersey to support him? :)

Crystal said...

LOL, you sound just like me - I always went with a combination of jersey color and mascot name. Unfortunately since i quit work, I haven't been able to participate so I guess I will have to give up my dream of winning one of these!

Sarah said...

I forgot to mention that I use a similar scientific method when I choose the horse I want to win the Kentucky Derby. Jersey color is ranked high, then name of horse (clever names score bonus points!), and where the horse is from, if the owner looks like someone I'd be friend with, etc. Typically I have NO clue if that horse has ever even won a race! :)

Anonymous said...

Utah State player. I am jealous.

as for the mascot...I thought I should share this:

An admirer from the distance. ;)

sindelpurple said...

Oh so the Utah State player is cute huh??? That's a perfectly good reason to pick them!

Sarah said...

See for yourselves, ladies! :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Well sindelpurple, when you're trying to get last place in a bracket competition, any reason is good! But I was actually talked out of choosing them for last place because I was told they might win some games.

Anonymous, that's pretty funny! Thanks for the link.

And Sarah, thanks for the link. He is pretty dang cute. :)

Vernice said...

sindelpurple- It is a perfectly good reason to pick them. It's nice that we can all agree. What a good chat.

Christi said...

Yeah, you need to be careful. I understand your loyalty to hotness, but you need to remember that coming in last takes almost as much effort as coming in first!

Robert said...

Someone let Crystal know that she can still do the ESPN bracket for free! No money for last place but it's fun to see how you rank among hundreds of thousands of entries! And on the off chance that you do win, you get $10,000!

Katherine said...

I love your logic. Amazing! I hope you win!