Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I don't understand Twitter. Why does everyone need to know everything about each other? Why do we need to know what everyone is eating and what they're watching on tv and when they have to go to the bathroom in real time? Maybe I've read 1984 too many times, but the whole thing makes me nervous.

I decided I'd keep a mental Twitter account yesterday to see if I did anything interesting that would make a good Tweet. I didn't.

Here's the evidence:

7:40 Heading to work.
8:00 Made it to work. Still half asleep.
11:45: Another Lean Cuisine for lunch. With salsa, it's edible.
4:00 Doctor's appointment. Ugh.
5:00 Appointment went well. All systems go.
6:00 French toast for dinner. Brinner is the best.
8:00 Fell asleep after dinner. Just woke up. Not my best idea.
9:00 Going to pharmacy.
9:30 Saw a kid begging his dad for candy at the store. Dad said no. Being an adult stinks sometimes, but at least I can have candy whenever I want.
9:40 Ate a Cadbury Egg in honor of the kid who couldn't have candy. It was divine.
9:50 The Cadbury Egg gave me a stomachache. I should have listened to that kid's dad.
10:30 Goodnight.

Wow. With a day like that, I think I'm doing the world a favor by not opening a Twitter account.

Is the point of Twitter to make us even more connected than we already are through Facebook and blogs? And if so, does it work? What do we get from it?


Christi said...

I don't get twitter either. I also don't get those people who update their facebook status seven times a day. You know who you are.
I think I update my facebook status once a month. There is probably a happy medium.

Joel said...

Oh dear, you've opened a can of worms here! At least for me.

I LOVE Twitter. I'm hating Facebook more and more each day. The main thing I jump on Facebook for is to check status' (statusi? Statuseses?) of people. I like to know what people are up to. HOWEVER, as we're all well aware, Facebook is now overly polluted with Farmville, Mafia Wars, "Presents", pets, parties, blah blah blah! WAY too much junk to sift through. And I'm tired of it!

Twitter, on the other hand, is only status updates. There is nothing else to sift through, no 'Want a single lady with big boobs?' ads pestering me on the side, No emails from this stupid "HALLOWFUNKAWEEN" group that I have no recollection joining but I can't seem to stop their spam, no one asking me to be their neighbor, there isn't 35 updates of what someone won in the game their playing (I really don't care that you won a gold bracelet!). UGH. I hate Facebook.

Anyways, another reason why I like Twitter is I've met some really good friends on there, specifically in Photography (Which I love!) I've discovered there is a huge Photography Community out here doing events and meetups all the time that I never ever would have known about without it. I do web design for work and I'm starting to get jobs because of people I've met off twitter. One of my (soon to be) main income streams is entirely due to Twitter.

SO. That's why I like twitter. It's a lot more than just where you are and what you're doing, it's a fun way to keep in touch with people all day long while you're at your desk, so you don't feel so alone. It's very very very easy and fast to "check up" on people cause you only have 140 characters to work with.

THERE! I'll stop. You better sign up! I'm @unculturedswine on there :)

Sarah said...

Wow, I was going to go on an anti-Twitter tirade, but this guy totally has me seeing the benefits! He's right...all the other "stuff" on Facebook is annoying, but I do like people's pictures, books they like, cities they've visited, etc. Well, mostly the pictures. :) Altho, I'd rather spend my "Facebook" time with people/friends in real life. So, I'll not be joining Twitter, and I'll be easing up on the time I spend on Facebook. Consider those my "Spring Resolutions!" :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

As far as all the game applications are concerned, you can just remove those from your news feed so you don't see them anymore.

I just think we're heading too far in the wrong direction of spending time with friends online instead of in person. But I suppose a healthy combination of the two is ok - and there are definitely benefits as Joel mentioned. As long as all our socializing isn't virtual. Know what I mean?

Kwo Ling said...

Haha. You should have listened to that kid's dad!

Kathy said...

A friend of mine was using Twitter, and said she felt like she was just wasting her time when one of her friends "tweeted" that she had just spilled some of her latte on her pants. At that point, my friend said she realized she didn't care, and deleted her account. haha!

The Lady Girl said...

No bueno. It's basically teaching the next generation of kids to be nosey as all get out. People are way too connected these days (that sounds horrible)...worrying over other people's business. I have facebook and that's enough for me.

Katherine said...

I'm with you on this one, E. If I want a run-down of someone's day, I'll call them! I'd rather spent my time "IRL" talking to people than reading about every little thing. (Speaking of which, I recently ate a Cadbury Cream Egg as well and had a similar experience...ugh!) It's nice that Tweeters can make connections, but I think I'll stick with doing it the old-fashioned way and use my friends for their friends. I mean...

D said...

Facebook is bad enough. Twitter makes no sense to me. Blogs though... blogs I love. :)

Crystal said...

well i think all my thoughts have been said, but i will say them anyway. i could really care less about what people are constantly doing - facebook can sometimes be a little much as far as "i'm going to work and i'm tired" or "what should i have for dinner?", to me, twitter is even worse. i think people spend far too much time on these online programs dealing with people behind their computers and not enough face time. this said as i sit and comment on blogs :)

Heather said...

i can't stop laughing. comment more later

Sara said...

I don't Twitter because I think I would get addicted to it and I have a hard enough time controlling my online time. And I think it would become a sad soap box for my political ramblings and annoyances - more so than Facebook or my blog because it seems more impersonal. That said, I think if it's used for professional reasons it can be powerful.

This post is funny

Drake said...

I don't understand Twitter either but Joel made a convincing argument for it. Maybe I'll have to give it a go sometime.

I really don't think my every thought is insightful enough to share with the rest of the world. Well, maybe MY every thought is, but most people's aren't ;)

Actually for some reason your Twitter day seemed pretty fun to read. Maybe its because I love Cadbury Eggs. They're my very favorite part of Easter...well that and the whole promise of immortality and possibility of exaltation. But man, those eggs are awesome.

Anonymous said...

i'll be your twitter follower.

No breakfast?
Lean Cuisine for lunch?
French toast for dinner?
and a cadbury egg... hahaha, delicious

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Liz said...

I think it's so funny that we are both on twitter now, cause I didn't understand it either but now I kinda love it.