Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

At the beginning of a vacation, I always make a little to-do list so I don't waste all my vacation relaxing and enjoying myself. (That would be a tragedy, right?)

Anyway, this vacation I decided to get all that horrid stuff done early so I could fully enjoy the rest of the break. The number one thing on my list? Sort tons of papers/junk mail/who-knows-what and file it or shred it. That is my least favorite thing to do and I was dreading it. So, I decided to combine it with the Lifetime "Dirty Little Secrets Saturday" marathon. While sorting, I watched "My Mother's Secret" but came in about an hour late and couldn't for the life of me figure out what the secret was. It was frustrating but I stuck it out till the end. Then I watched part of "My Daughter's Secret" which was very boring (the secret was that her boyfriend got her involved in a bank robbery - big whoop!!). I almost started watching "The Nanny's Secret" but decided I'd had my fill of Lifetime movies and secrets for the day.

But the good thing is, I got the horrible task done. A few other boring things had to be done (cleaning and the like) then I was able to fully give in to vacation!

Here are some of the things I've done so far:

1. Played many rounds of Yahtzee. Found out I was born to play Yahtzee. I got three Yahtzee's in one round. My secret is that I'm just really skilled.
2. I have taken naps at 7pm on two different days then stayed up really late reading because I couldn't sleep.
3. Read to my niece till she fell asleep on my lap.
4. Got killed at Monopoly by an 11 year old. I would have won if that game wasn't based on pure luck. Unlike Yahtzee.
5. Declared on a daily basis that I will start my diet again tomorrow.
6. Nearly forgot about my blog but checked it occasionally to see if anyone had posted a new post on it. I hadn't.

I hope your week has been as fruitful as mine! Happy Wednesday!


Lady Baillio said...

I declare on a daily basis the diet too. All through October and November Adam brought fast food home each night. I'd eat a combo and then go straight to sleep at 1am and it started showing at the end of November.

I've forgotten about my blog too. The kids and Adam and I have been travelling and/or sick all month.

Katherine said...

I'm still a little annoyed at the title of "My Daughter's Secret." I mean, we all knew from minute one what the secret was, so it was BO-ring and not a secret from anyone but the mom! Now if we'd been the mom, it might have been a more interesting movie.

Vaughn said...

I PERSONALLY would have watched it if you two were the Mom......
I just checked on the old blog to see if you were stalking me from there as well

Elizabeth Downie said...

You wish I was stalking you Vaughn.