Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

At what point does a "guy" become a man? I was recently telling Katherine that I had a little crush on a man* and she started laughing. When I asked her what she was laughing about, she said, "you called him a man." So what makes a guy a man? Do they have to be over 40? Married? Kids? Mustache?

What flavor is horehound!? I love the Claeys old fashioned hard candies, but I was baffled by the flavor "horehound." And by baffled, I mean grossed out and scared.

So, I took my car in to the shop yesterday to get the aforementioned heat fixed and found out the worst. Turns out my original guesstimate of it costing a gazillion dollars was me being naive. It's actually going to cost a katrillion if I want heat again. It's the worst case scenario, heating wise. Needless to say, I have a lot of decisions to make about this car. On the plus side, I didn't cry in front of the mechanic. I waited till he was done talking, excused myself, and cried in the bathroom.

I feel better today.

It's Wednesday. Happy Wednesday.

*This crush has since waned, in case you were curious.


Kathy said...

"Horehound" must be wet dog favor. Yum!

That old fashioned candy is SO good- I love the black licorice.

I'm sorry about your car! That really really stinks. :( I couldn't help but think that this is what you looked like when you came out of the bathroom at the shop:

Mark Bowman said...

I was once criticized for referring to a woman in her 30's as a girl. My response was that if she makes me feel like an awkward teenage boy, I will probably think of her as a girl. It's a very internal perspective and not very politically correct. It takes a conscious effort to use the term "woman" in reference to the sisters my age that I meet at Single Adult activities. Of course, if they have a moustache, it is much easier.

The maturity test of a male is if he cries in front of the mechanic.

Christi said...

I like Mark's test for girl vs. woman. I think it could work well for guy vs. man. Besides, a man is like my dad or grandpa.
I'm so sorry to hear about your car! Maybe you should buy one of those seat warmers that plugs into your cigarette lighter to tide you over until you can get it fixed? My mom had one and loved it.

Melanie said...

In Spanish I call everyone "hombre" so maybe everyone is always a man. It's a very wide net...

I want to say something funny about horehound, but I know it will only be funny in my head...

David and Linda said...

I wouldn't eat horehound candy just on the principle that it sounds bad. It's the same reason I don't eat peas. Well, not really, but I hate peas. Anyway, if it's not chocolate, it's not worth the calories.

Michelle Williams said...

I think of vidk's vapor rub when I think of horehound, not sure why, I'm guessing I thought they smelled the same or I thought they should! I agree with your Mom, not chocolate..not worth it!

He's a man if he's over 30, till then...guy/boy.

Get a plug in space heater? If there is a safe one for sale! Maybe there's one that clips to the dash? I would have teared up in front of the mechanic, you are sooo mature!

Katherine said...

You crack me up! Though I do sound a little immature that I laughed when you called your [former] crush a man... It just sounded funny! I think over 50 is a man. Or a Tom Selleck-style 'stache. And I looked up horehound candy - here's an answer:
I think I'd still stay away...except to say horehound over and over, 'cause it makes me laugh!