Saturday, December 5, 2009

All the king's horses and all the king's men...

My car had had enough. Or rather, I had had enough of my car when I decided to trade it in today. Between the lack of heat and the four other problems it's having, it was time. The funny thing is how sad I was to see her go. Recently I've been back and forth between being mad at her and pitying her. She's old, she can't help that she's falling apart. The thing about cars is that they're with you for so much - vacations, relationships, new jobs, etc... It's funny to get attached to a car, but as I was pulling out of the dealership parking lot today where I traded her in, I circled around again to see her one more time.

Here she is:

My new (used) car (a Malibu):

On the plus side, it feels wonderful to ride in a heated car again.


David and Linda said...

I understand how you feel. At least you didn't give her a name. That would have made it even more difficult. Men tend to name their cars. Dad had a car he called "Old Blue". He still sounds nostalgic when he talks about her. Well, I'll miss... let's call her Marlene. She had a good heart, just not a good heater.

k janelle said...

It is sad to see a car go...however, I really like the new one you have now!

Amy said...

For the first few months that I had my new car, I was really surprised how much I missed all my old car's little quirks, like the back door that wouldn't open or the chocolate stain on the seat belt or the scratch on my windshield from when I failed to install a set of windshield wipers properly. My new car was nice and shiny and functional, but it just didn't have personality (yet). Don't worry, you're new car will grow on you, but you will always remember your old car with fondness :).