Friday, December 18, 2009


The last couple days I've been staying with a friend's kids while she and her husband are out of town. These kids crack me up and I've had some very funny conversations with them. I thought I'd share a small sample of the hilarity:

Between me and the 17 yr old son:
N: My parents won't let me move to the basement. (There are several doors in the basement where he could easily sneak out.)
Me: Well, if you had a 17 yr old son, I doubt you'd let him sleep in that basement.
N: I'd just take away his car keys.
Me: You don't think a friend could just pick him up? Or a girl couldn't sneak in?
N: If a girl did sneak in, I'm sure they'd just watch a movie or something.
Me: Uh huh.
N: What are you implying? What else would they do, Elizabeth?
Me: Shush.
N: No really, what would they do?
Me: Nate.*
N: You're a bad influence on me.

Between me and the 12 yr old son:
E: He (his brother) wanted to have a faux hawk and a chin strap but my dad hates faux hawks.
Me: Really? I like faux hawks.
E: Well, my dad's really old, you know. Like, he thinks video games are a total waste of time and stuff like that.

Between me and one of the 3 yr old twins:
Me: Are you feeling better today?
A: Yeah. I ate a chewy pillow and it made me feel better.
(I'm pretty sure she meant a chewy pill.)

Between me and the other 3 yr old twin:
Me: Turn around and finish your dinner.
L: I DON'T WANT TO FINISH MY... ooooh, I like your nail polish!

*Names have been changed to protect identity. As if you care who these people are, right?


Sara said...


Mark Bowman said...

Isn't this the plot setup for several 80's movies?

My verification word is "mignesti". That almost sounds like a real word.

Katherine said...

Ha! Those kids crack me up!!!

David and Linda said...

You could make a sitcom out of those situations. Very funny. Kids are wonderful. They keep you young, at least at heart.

Joel said...

I agree with Fake Nate, you probably are a bad influence :)

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Heather said...

um..did you say "Nate" is 17?!? When did he get so old? Wasn't he just 10 years old? And the twins are 3! where is the time going?

Funny by the way. Those boys always were smartaleks (sp?)

Emily said...

That's too funny. It sounds like a good time was had by all.