Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

And now for my weekly collection of unrelated thoughts...

You know what phrase I can not say? "" I've heard younger people say it, and even though I don't necessarily want to say it, it sometimes pops into my head when I get excited about something. I tried to say it once, half jokingly, and the results were horrific. I apologized immediately to the people I was with. The more I think about it, the more mortified I am that those words escaped my lips. I just can't pull it off. I think I'll just stick with the phrases that work for someone of my generation, like "the bee's knees" and "23 skidoo."

Here's a funny little story about my Grandma. As you may remember, my grandma's one wish is that I, her oldest granddaughter, get married. The other day I was giving her a ride and she said to me, "I think there might be a computer glitch in heaven. Not enough angels are being sent to help you." It made me laugh, but then it made me wonder exactly how many angels are needed for such a task...

My local online newspaper has deleted more than half of my comments* and it's really starting to get to me. They have the strictest moderators I've ever seen. They claim my comments have been "off topic" and/or "don't help move the conversation along." I was also told that they were deleting my comments because I was just bantering with other commenters at times instead of commenting specifically on the story. I told them that their censorship is STIFLING me (yes, I used caps). But they removed that comment as well. Another time I said that censorship hurts and they removed that as well. That website is sucking my will to comment.

It snowed last night. If it wasn't so slushy, it would be pretty.

In case you're afraid of losing track of time until Christmas, here's a countdown that has sent me into a near panic.

Ok, panic time is over. It's Wednesday! Happy Wednesday. Drive safe, Michigan friends! It's supposed to be nasty tonight.

*Update: The newspaper just e-mailed me and said that they don't know where I got my "more than half" number from and that they have actually only deleted 24% of my comments. I stand corrected.


Vernice said...

I agree with you about They even remove the my compliments to the moderators. That Suzy DOES look nice! And her tan makes her look relaxed! Who removes compliments? I bet Stefanie was just jealous that I didn't compliment her hair.

Katherine said...

That countdown really is rather panic-inducing! I feel the need to IMMEDIATELY finish my shopping BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!
I love that censorship button! I DON'T love that you're being censored, though. You really should apply for that job...they'd never know what hit 'em!
Also, I'm rather embarrassed that you said that phrase, too. Maybe you should stick to "P.O. Box The Bomb." More along our age group... ;)

Kathy said...

Maybe you should stick to phrases like, "cowabunga" or "that's so rad". Oh, and you could try to bring "as if" back! :)

Anonymous said...

this blog is awesome...I think that dates me too

Liz said...

I just read conversation guidelines. Wow. In my opinion censorship is a weapon used by close minded, weak individuals.