Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unexpected dislike

One time my mom told me she hates Swedish furniture. Not only did this seem strange to me based on my mostly positive experiences with IKEA, but it also caught me off guard that she had an opinion about something so obscure. Her opinion had nothing to do with IKEA, by the way, never having been there herself.

It always cracks me up when someone expresses a strong opinion on something I've never had any emotion for one way or the other, like someone hating goldfish or paper clips. And that's why this story I'm about to share amuses me.

The following is part of a conversation I had at work today about going on a road trip in my new car. On this road trip, Kathy and I would sit in the back and watch DVDs and eat snacks while Justin drives us around. He isn't too keen on this idea, by the way. Anyway, that's the background. Here's where you came in:

Kathy: Justin, I demand that you sing us "the wheels on the bus."
Justin: No way. I hate that song.
Me: Who hates that song!?
Justin: I hate the rhythm to it.

The wheels on the bus. I'll never listen to it the same way. Do you have a strong dislike for something most people have no opinion on?


Anonymous said...

I have a strong opinion that one's metals have to match. Silver buttons, silver zipper, silver hardware on your purse or bag if it has it, and silver earrings/ring, bracelet. It annoys me if I notice it in others. I don't notice it as often anymore now that I have children to worry about!

Doesn't Heather LOVE IKEA!?

Sarah said...

I *hate* licking envelopes...won't do it myself, won't watch another person doing it (in person or on TV), and honestly, am about to freak out just writing about it!!

D said...

I love Ikea and swedish furniture. :)

I hate Mary Poppins. "practically perfect in everyway" snot.

Heather said...

does this mean mom hates everything in my house?HA!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Heather, mom clarified that what she meant was that she doesn't like blond furniture (light colored wood) and the sort of modern look of some swedish furniture. She said she likes most of Ikea's stuff though.

Katherine said...

Well, you know about me and the ocean. Well, being ON or IN it, not near it. Even cartoon oceans. (If it were [was?] me, Nemo would have STAYED lost...) I'm sure I have other irrational dislikes, but must have blocked them out.

Pollz said...

I actively dislike ventriloquism. I find it cheesy and creepy.