Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The future is confusing

Ann and I ordered Chinese food for lunch today. As you know, one of the best parts about Chinese food is the fortune that comes in the fortune cookie. But today the future became much more confusing for both of us. Ann especially. Which fortune do you think is worse?

Ann's fortune:

You are a man of integrity and righteousness.

My fortune:

When the moment comes, take the first one from the right.


Mike said...

I understand what you mean by being confused by fortune cookies. I remember one that confused me recently: "You will become the greatest man alive." Really confused me. I mean, become? Aren't I already there?

Katherine said...

Well, I think the gender mix-up in Ann's is just a little bit more confusing. But yours follows at a close second...!!

Sarah said...

I think "...first one from the right" is definitely more confusing! Is it talking about a row of cookies, a turn in a neighborhood, a checkout line...that would have me overwhelmed with all the possibilities!

Liz said...

Clearly your fortune is telling you that there will come a time when several guys want to marry you and you should choose the guy on the right.