Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

It's Halloween and I'm definitely excited. I don't know why I love this holiday so much. I was talking to a good friend from Taiwan yesterday and she described Halloween as "weird." Well, yes, it is kind of weird. But only if weird equals awesome, right?

I mean, when else do you get to sit next to someone dressed as Where's Waldo? all day? (As seen below - he knew I was taking his picture even though it doesn't look that way, for the record.) When else does your office dog dress up as a pirate? (Not pictured due to the fact that he's in the Witness Relocation program.) When else do you get to eat tons of treats almost guilt free?

Here's a little Halloween mosaic to get you in the Halloween spirit. In this mosaic are some Halloween scenes from the last couple weeks, including two of my costumes (a rag doll and Professor Trewlawny), scenes from Bone Heads, the spooky restaurant we went to Friday night (it was awesome), and more.

Are you dressed up today? Are your kids? What are you/they dressed up as?

And lastly, a spooky song from 30 Rock that I've had in my head all morning (the video quality is crap-ola, but the audio is fine)! While flipping through radio stations this morning I heard that one local Detroit station has already gone all Christmas music. Um, wait one more day, how about!?

Happy Halloween!


Amy said...

Every October I read your blog and feel a little bad that I'm over on my blog talking about how I don't really like Halloween that much. So this morning when I actually put on a costume to wear to work, one of the first thoughts I had was that I should go comment on your last blog post about how I really am making an honest effort to get into the Halloween spirit today :). And I totally haven't chickened out and changed clothes yet. I'm kind of proud of myself.

violet50 said...

Halloween is about fun and you always do it up big. I enjoy reading about it, seeing the great pictures of the food and costumes! Thanks for brightening up my day! It is a Monday, after all.

Erin Harris said...
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Erin Harris said...

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah was one of my best friend's ringtones on her phone. It was awesome. YOU'RE awesome.

Katherine said...

I love this song!! Spooooky, scary! I have to admit that school has sort of killed my Halloween spirit this year. :( I have to teach tonight, and should totally dress up, but have yet to be inspired...I'll see what i can come up with!! Thanks for sharing your Halloween spirit with me! I've loved living vicariously through you!