Monday, October 24, 2011

Apples, Pumpkins, and Halloween

I've mentioned on here before that I consider October weekends very valuable. This weekend was no exception. Considering I was sick all of last week, I may have over done it this weekend but it had to be done - October weekends are too precious to waste! Here's a quick run down of some of the awesome things I did this weekend followed by an overwhelmingly large mosaic. There will be a quiz later.

1. I went to a Hallwe'en nights celebration at Greenfield Village. My friends and I went dressed as rag dolls. I don't even know where to begin in talking about how fun this evening was. We watched a story teller recite the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, we walked through Sleepy Hollow itself, we saw a headless horseman, we walked through a haunted covered bridge, we had our fortunes told by a fake fortune teller (my fortune was that someone from my past will come to visit me), we drank hot chocolate, watched ghostly holograms float across buildings, and wondered if Halloween was always this cold, or if we just didn't care when we were kids.

2. I went to a friend's birthday party which has nothing to do with the "fall" theme but is important anyway. Happy birthday, Janice!

3. I canned apple sauce with my family and played outside with my nieces. This is definitely one of my favorite fall activities. I love spending time with my family, and we have so much fun doing getting together in October to do the canning. Also, I got to see the chickens again which always amuses me. Some of my friends have accused me of being obsessed with chickens but, um, hasn't anyone else noticed that they're hilarious!?

4. I went to a cider mill with some friends. The weather was perfect - sunny but crisp. And the cider and doughnuts were divine. But side note: why do bees and cider mills go together so well? We need to figure out a way to break them up.

5. I went to a super fun Halloween party where we watched "Wait Until Dark" - a very suspenseful classic! Highly recommend! We also ate about a million calories apiece at this party, keeping with the Halloween theme.

6. I helped carve a group pumpkin. At one point six hands were working on the same pumpkin. Surprisingly, it turned out great. And we won the competition. Some people reading this who were there tonight are probably thinking, "what competition? There was no competition!" Well in our minds, there was. And we won. Your pumpkin was fine though, don't get me wrong.

Did you do anything particularly "fall-ish" this weekend?


lizzie mc.- said...

Love the photo of your niece watching the corer, peeler. I'm still fascinated by the minds that come up with these things. And the sleepy hollow event sounds like a blast. All 'round spooktacular!

Katherine said...

I like that mosaic! Very fun! I also went to the cider mill, which was amazing as ever, and canned apple sauce with y'all! So much fun! I love fall.

Stephanie Curtis said...

Huh, interesting becuase I was sure another team won. I know how we can solve this. Prove you won by producing your trophy.

On another note there is a book you should read about chickens. I think you would love it. I will send you the name because I can't remember it.

violet50 said...

Thanks for sharing your fun activities. I love fall!