Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I've been walking backwards into winter, keeping a close eye on summer and fall, and the start of November has been startling to me. I know it's still fall for almost two months, but it's starting to not feel that way. On Halloween day I went to Target to get candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters and the store was decked out in Christmas decorations. It was jarring. How can it almost be Christmas?? Last month was August! At least, I thought it was. Time is moving too quickly.

I've found myself accepting some parts of the change of seasons. For instance, I'm excited that pomegranates are back. And I swapped out my apple cider for some egg nog, which I do not drink but instead put in my oatmeal (just a dash and it is SO good). And I've found myself singing along with Christmas songs on the radio at least twice before I quickly turned the station. Truth be told, I was already sneaking in some Christmas music last month, but now that people are declaring this the Christmas season, I feel like it's too early.

It's like I don't even know myself. Usually I'm crazy about the holidays. They just came too fast this year. I need to change my attitude.

I think I'll ease into it, eking out as much fall as possible until the inevitable start of winter. In that spirit, I wanted to share with you these pictures my friend Sara took last weekend when we went to a corn maze. We spent a lot of time that night deep in the corn maze, looking up at the stars which Sara, who lives in Detroit, couldn't get enough of. My other friend, Sarah (notice the "H" - they are two different people, who I often refer to as "the Sara(h)'s"), recently got the new iPhone which has a constellation recognition ap that she wanted to try out. So we stood in the middle of a corn field, gazing up at the sky for quite awhile before one of us pointed out the uniqueness of our surroundings.

Beautiful, isn't it? Both of these pictures were taken from a little look out tower the owners set up at the entrance to the corn maze. Some people have gently accused me of being obsessed with corn mazes, and I suppose this post is doing nothing to prove them wrong. But I hope these pictures show a little bit of the appeal of the corn maze. What the pictures don't show is the flickers of flashlights we could see from inside the corn maze, or the screams and chainsaws we could hear from the "haunted" corn maze (adjacent to the non-haunted one). They also don't show our muddy shoes, our gloved hands, our scarves, our empty hot cocoa cups, or the bonfires set up nearby.

On that note, I'm starting to think this post should have been titled, "Dear Fall, I'm in love with you. Do you like me back? Check yes or no. Love, Elizabeth." But it's Wednesday so I can't call it that. Instead I will just say:

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

Elizabeth and autumn, sittin' in a tree! C-O-R-N-M-A-Z!! ....E!
Now that I got that out of my system... I love the whimsy of this post! I've lived vicariously through you this season, so thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Felt like home, being out in the corn under the stars!

SaraH said...

Loved every minute of it, even when the girl jumped out of the corn to end up within an inch of my face. Good times! :)

Melissa C said...

Great pictures. I have never done a corn. The kids have done little straw mazes where you can see them the whole time and they love them.

I agree there is still TONS of fall left....well, at least until Thanksgiving. I still plan to hit some farms this fall, I hope.

It has been a major bummer that the main sources of cider around here don't also have donuts. There are still a couple farms/ochards we need to check.

Limequat said...

These are gorgeous photos!