Monday, October 3, 2011


Every Monday is my New Year's Day. Each Monday morning I think, "this week I'm sticking to my diet, getting to bed early, exercising one hour every evening, organizing that corner in my bedroom, and realizing my life dreams."

So far I haven't followed through with this ('cept the part about realizing my life dreams, but that was the easiest one). This morning I woke up, thought it was Sunday, got really excited and went back to bed. A little bit later I realized it was Monday, and groggily dragged myself to work. Pretty sure this is my week. I'll keep you updated.

But until then, I have a few questions for you guys today:

1. What do you think about Groupon? I was talking about this with a friend this morning, and he is skeptical about whether or not you're actually getting a good deal with it. I have only used it once - to buy passes to a haunted corn maze this year - but for me, that was a good deal since it was something I was going to buy anyway. I think it's probably not a good deal if it's not something you were going to get otherwise. Have any of you guys gotten amazing deals from it? Are you believers in Groupon?

2.  Are you all Halloween fans? I read a blog post today where the person said she doesn't like Halloween (and listed costumes, candy, and haunted houses as reasons why)! I just assume that most people love Halloween! My world has been turned upside down. You guys like it, right? I'll put a poll up to make it easier to weigh in. (This is a very important vote.)

3. Greenfield Village is one of my favorite places to visit. It's a historical village near Detroit that was set up by Henry Ford and features historical buildings, reenactors, olde timey baseball (my favorite), and a lot more. I've been looking forward to going to their Halloween celebration for awhile now, so today I went to their website to get my tickets.

On the website is a description of the event:

Step back in time to a turn-of-the-20th century Hallowe’en. Follow an endless path of hand-carved jack-o-lanterns and meet colorful characters along the way. Feel the whoosh as the headless horseman rides by, banter with a clever witch, and make stops at several treat stations spread throughout Greenfield Village. It’s frightfully fun for the whole family!

Sounds kinda cool, right? I picture it being dark, chilly, atmospheric. But then I made the mistake of watching the video they have up on their website. If it's anything like this video, I'll be way more scared than I would be if I saw the actual headless horseman. Watch at your own peril.

I'm unable to embed it here for some reason, so click here to see it. The really scary thing? I've watched it twice!! What is wrong with me??

K, time to get back to kicking Monday's boot-ay (using all my willpower not to pull this super warm fleece blanket over me and calling it a night)!


Katherine said...

Why is that video like a bad episode of Laugh-In?!? Weird... I LOVE Halloween, and can't believe that girl is so anti! It's the best (next to Christmas)!! As for Groupon, I've yet to use it, but think it's got some awesome stuff! I agree that it's nice when they're for something you'd want anyway, but they have some good offers (tickets to see roller derby or go horse back riding) that people might not normally do, but would be fun!

Claire said...

I haven't done anything for Halloween since I was probably 12 or 13 years old. For some reason, I just totally don't care about it, and think it's kind of dumb. I don't hate it, just... meh.

violet50 said...

I'd love to go to Greenfield village for the Halloween extravaganza! It sounds like fun!

SAC said...

Well, 1) From when I've seen things like groupon, its seemed that I wouldn't be a fan of it, since I don't do most of the things in there and it would just be a waste of money. It would be worth it otherwise though.

2) I love Halloween. It's awesome, the very tame and cute stuff to the downright freaky and pee your pants and nightmares for a week scary. (insert evil grin here) I remember I met a girl in NY back in 2002 who thought that giving someone a scare, even just the run of the mill startle, was morally wrong. Suffice it to say, she was not for me. lol.

3) I haven't been to greenfield village in more than a decade! I have great memories of it back in my youth. I watched the video you posted, and was confused. You let me believe that it would be somewhat scary or creepy, in some degree, unless you were joking of course. If you weren't, then note to self, never actually try to scare you, cuz I'll traumatize you for life.

Elizabeth Downie said...

That's the point, SAC! I thought it was going to be scary until I saw that cheesy video!!

SAC said...

Well good...and I'm totally gullible. Ha ha. But that means maybe I should start preparing a good scare for you.....insert another evil grin, and maybe through in some maniacal laughter.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Don't scare me. I hate it (for real - I don't have a sense of humor about it). Lame, I know (of me).

SAC said...

OOooook. I'll extend out my promise not to scare you until Halloween indefinitely then. I'll have to get my kicks with Adam.

Sara said...

That video gave me pause, but Greenfield Village will deliver. I'm sure of it.

I used Groupon for yoga. I think it was even in terms of a deal but I wouldn't have gone without it so that was good. I bought a couple more that I still have to use them up!

Stephanie Curtis said...

So I went to Greenfield village last year for their Halloween extravaganza. The two people I brought did not dress up either (apparently you are should). We got weird looks from everyone all night. One worker even said "way to come and steal kid's candy, and not dress up". We did get our fortunes told and my friend is still looking for the man of her dreams whose name starts with "m". So if you know any that I could send her way let me know.

D said...

I have loved the groupons that we have gotten so far. It's gotten us out of our comfort zone a little but more in a - I always wanted to do that or try that restaurant- kind of way. So we may not have tried those places without the groupon but with the groupon it was an affordable experiment(and we would have used the money for the same kinds of things but we might have played it safe and boring with places we already knew). We've tried an indoor play place with our kids, one new restaurant, I took a sewing class and got some free fabric, got donuts at our now favorite donut shop, got a free shutterfly book, and we have two to use...Matt and needed a creative date so I have one for horseback riding and one for a vietnamese restaurant.

Halloween is awesome! Now that we have our own house(well in two weeks we will) The halloween decor collecting will begin. We will decorate OCT 1 and keep it up all month long!

Liz said...

Groupon confuses me. I have yet to venture into that world.
I like Halloween. I guess, maybe. I liked it a lot more when I was younger.
I never had the chance to make it to Greenfield village. I feel like I have a void in my life be because of this fact.