Monday, October 10, 2011

End of Post a Day

I've been writing a post a day for about six or seven weeks now, but sadly, that is coming to an end today. I will still probably write a lot - you may not even notice much of a difference - but I will not be writing every day anymore. My life is busy and it's hard to write something interesting every day. I'd rather write slightly less frequently and have better quality. (By which I mean more Prancing Leo, of course.)

Today I have a question for you. I love taking pictures. (That's not the question.) I'm not aspiring to be a photographer per se, I just want to take more quality pictures which means I need a new camera. I take about 99.9% of my pictures with my iPhone, and it does take good pictures, but I mean, it's a phone. I do have a camera but it takes worse pictures than my phone. So I'm going to start saving up to get a decent camera.

What would you shutter-bugs recommend? What's the best camera I could get for the best deal? I'd really appreciate your tips!

Some of my phone pictures


Ben said...

What's most important to you?
Image quality?
Video capability?

Once you can answer those questions I can guide you in the right direction... if you want :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Ben, I was hoping you'd respond!
I'm most interested in image quality and portability! I'm least interested in video capability.

Stephanie Curtis said...

So have you ever been going along and something happens that you never expected. When it hits it is such a shock you can't even figure out if it is good or bad.... that is where I am right now. I will hopefully come to terms with the changes, but I have really loved it.

I have no advice about a camera. Good luck.

Ben said...

The current King of the Hill who has the best combination of image quality and compactness is the Fujix100. It has a larger image sensor than any compact point and shoot on the market, (which means better image quality.)
It's the first of it's kind out on the market and I think other companies will come out with their own take on it. It has it's weaknesses too though. Here's a review done by a photographer I follow:

lizzie mc.- said...

I'm mostly useless, however, just from experience... get something that can take the photo w/ no delay. Too many missed moments w/ a delay.

I love that your blog writes like you speak; full of interjections and interruptions. It's not scattered or difficult to follow, it just improves speed of reading, fluidity of thought, and fills it with humor.

I'll miss hearing from you daily. I can't tell you how many bad days I've waited for most of the day for your random thoughts, humor, love of life, nature, and family (which is only at times nature... usually it fall under freak show) Thanks for the joy!

Katherine said...

I agree with Lizzie - your voice really comes across when you write. It makes it very fun/easy to read! I'll miss your daily posts, too, but s'pose I can allow you a break... :)

Melissa C said...

What kind of phone do you have? I need a new phone with a better camera, so I can take pictures on the go without lugging around a camera. Namely, I need a new phone for the Boston Marathon, b/c I don't want even my little camera to weigh me down for 26.2 miles.

That said, if you are looking for a DSLR, go to Costco and get either a Nikon D big number or Canon Rebel. We have the T1i, and got a good deal on it there, with an extra lens. We don't use it a ton, but I am hoping to take some nice fall pics with it today/tomorrow, and we take it on vacay with us. Most of the pictuers on my blog are taken with our tiny canon elph 750. Most phones have higher resolution, but I have been using it so long that I can do a good job playing with the setting to get decent shots, although they don't blow up the best.

Ben said...

In case you're looking for an excuse to get a new phone, I just saw the image quality on the new iPhone 4s and it's pretty astoundingly clear. That might be your best bet for compact and functional, especially with your instagram stuff.