Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Today I'm going to share with you some random facts about me.

Shows I've watched all available seasons of on Hulu (that are not currently on tv):
Major Dad
Mary Tyler Moore

I think it's completely inhumane to expect anyone to wear pajama pants (or any kind of pants) to bed. They get all tangled and hot and twisted. I will never wear them! Never! Not even for naps.

When playing Monopoly, I like to be the iron. If I can't be the iron, I'll be the battleship. What playing piece do you choose? I'm curious. The options, besides the two I already mentioned are: car, horse, shoe, top hat, thimble, wheelbarrow, and cannon. Unless you're playing a different version of Monopoly, of course.

Which is your favorite? (I am going to evaluate you psychologically based on your choice.)

I get really annoyed when movies have aliens in them. I'm not interested in aliens in the slightest. They're not scary, they're not interesting, they're just silly. I'll still see movies with aliens in them because I'm a team player, but I will roll my eyes when an alien comes on screen. I'm not saying I don't believe in aliens, I'm just saying I think they're boring and most likely inaccurately portrayed.

I think Kleenex is superior to Puffs.

My top five vacation destinations in the US are:
The Grand Canyon
Alaska, to see the northern lights
Hawaii, to relive the Brady Bunch vacation
The Redwood forest
Wherever you live (of course)

Sidenote: the northern lights were visible the other night in the part of Michigan where I live, but no one informed me and I slept right through it. Heartbreaking, isn't it? I'm not over it yet.

Happy Wednesday.


Furry Bottoms said...

I am the opposite about pajamas bottoms! I cannot stand the thought of... someone walking into my bedroom and seeing me in an uncompromising position without a bottom on. AND!!! Suppose the house caught on fire and you had to escape, with no time to pull on some pants...?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, well i wear long enough nightshirts that I could probably be spared total humiliation if someone were to come in! And in the case of fire, I suppose I could borrow something from one of the firemen. ha!

Mark said...

Pajama pants for bed? I don't even wear pants to dinner! Of course, that's because I live alone. If I had impressionable children in my home I would insist that everyone dress for meals with their shirts tucked in and ties knotted properly. And bedtime preparations (brush teeth, bathroom, prayer, drink, bathroom again, story, nightlight) wouldn't be complete without a proper inspection.

I like all the monopoly pieces except the cannon. In my house we used to fight over who put the hat on the dog and messed up what property they were on.

Nightshirts should be short enough that you can kneel without catching the fabric, but long enough to keep your nephew from seeing the "Grrrl Power" tattoo you got last summer.

Stephanie Curtis said...

So I am always wanting to be the shoe or the top hat. Please evaluate what that means about me because I have no idea.

I must admit that sometimes I worry about the whole fire thing and put pants on. Just my luck it will happen when I am not worried.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Stephanie, your Monopoly playing piece choices mean you care about your appearance and want to look your best, even when playing a board game. :)

Brady said...

I tend to pick the thimble or the shoe. But why play Monopoly when there are so many other games out there.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Brady, you choose the thimble because you like well tailored clothes, and the shoe because you're going places. And you should play Monopoly because it's fun and and the quickest way to get in a huge fight with those closest to you.

karajean said...

I usually like to be the hat, becuase it's the most ridiculous piece. I mean, hats don't move. Ridiculous!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Kara, you choose the hat because you like to do the unexpected and you have a sense of whimsy!

(I wasn't kidding about evaluating everyone's choices!)

lizzie mc.- said...

The car, dog, thimble in that order. I apparently don't live on the same planet with you (I must be an alien) in all my years I've never seen a wheelbarrow, a cannon or a battleship. But I think I'd be the cannon if that were part of my set.

T. Taylor Joo said...

I like the canon ever since I read Guns of August.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Lizzie, your choices paint a perfect picture of a caring mom. The car is all the driving you do, the dog is because your sons would love it, and the thimble because you're a seamstress (I hope/think).

Taylor your choice makes me think you were in the Korean army and that you're a Republican (haha)! Oh, and that you read Guns of August. I know, I'm insightful. ;)

Katherine said...

I am definitely a pajama bottoms kinda girl. Bare legs are uncomfortable! I'm sad I missed the Northern Lights, but I saw Brad Reed's picture of them, so it's almost like I was there... As for my Monopoly choice, I'd say the hat. And to save you an evaluation, it's because I like hats. And because I'm awesome.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Katherine, you chose the hat because you think outside the box and like to do the unexpected. And you like Easter (hats).

Drake said...

I love the dog in Monopoly. I love the idea of a dog with a monocle and a top hat, taking over the real estate world with his illegal monopolistic practices.

I also find it funny that you hate aliens in film and yet you've watched all of Major Dad and Alf on Hulu.. Granted, Roger isn't a very likeable alien and Alf eats cats, so maybe there's something to that..

Elizabeth Downie said...

Wait a second, there's an alien on major Dad?! I definitely didn't see that season. Sounds hiilarious though. Alf doesn't count cause he's ridiculous. I should clarify, I mainly just don't like when aliens are villains in movies. It's silly.

Katherine said...

Hey, remember that movie we saw where the lady's kid disappeared, and she met some guy who had the same thing happen to him (or something like that) and we thought it was some sort of government conspiracy but it turned out to be aliens? Man, that movie was dumb. I don't mind aliens in some movies/tv shows (The X-Files, Men In Black), but agree that they might be upset by how they're usually portrayed as the enemy. ;)

Thanks for the analysis, btw. SO accurate!

Drake said...

Oh wow...I confused Major Dad with American Dad...totally different show :P

violet50 said...

I was always the shoe, mostly because my brother wanted to be the car and he was bigger and older than me. And he knew where to hit me in the middle of my forearm to paralyze it for a while. It made it hard for me to collect my $200.00 for passing "go". Maybe that's why I always lost. Of course he was always the banker, too. Hey...

Liz said...

The iron, really? Hmm. I guess I like being the dog, although it has been ages since I have played monopoly.