Monday, October 3, 2011


I had to pick up a prescription tonight but didn't feel like going into the pharmacy since I was feeling a little grungy after working out. So I drove up through the drive through window and had the following conversation with the pharmacist working there:

Pharmacist (with a thick accent): "What's your name?"
Me (knowing that they usually want your last name first): "Downie"
Pharmacist: "Repeat that?"
Me: "Downie."
Pharmacist (misunderstanding): "Kevin?"
Me (out loud): "Downie," in my head though, after I had a brain-splotion, my thoughts were, "I mean, my hair is in a pony tail, but is my hair the only thing stopping me from looking like a Kevin!? Should I be wearing more makeup!? Should I shave my beard??"*

I'm traumatized.

*Upon further inspection, I don't have a beard. I don't know what that guy's problem was. And nobody call me Kevin!


violet50 said...

This is too funny! I love it when I answer the phone and they ask if my wife is home. All they hear is the click of me hanging up, if a hang-up sounds like a click any more. It is very unsatisfactory to hang up a cell phone - slamming a phone down was much better.

Katherine said...

HA!!! Kevin. I won't call you that, but I might think it sometimes. I'm with Moms - I hate it when my low (sultry) voice is mistaken for a man's. I'm a woman, fools! And so's my sister Kevin!

lizzie mc.- said...

Serious ear wax issues, hearing impaired, male and unable to focus? It reminds me of the Credit Card commercial from Russia the man had a woman's name.