Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Mullet J Lo is the best J Lo
Today I did one of my favorite things - went to the hair salon and got my hair done. Going to the hair salon isn't just about beautifying though - it's about so much more. Like:

1. Catching up on my celebrity gossip. I read a People magazine from cover to cover today. I know who pulled off what outfit and who didn't, I know who Zach Galifianakis is (kind of), I know what jeans look good for my body type (actually, I just skimmed that one), and I know all about J Lo's divorce (which made me sad).

I have a secret confession about J Lo. I like her as (wait for it...) an actress. Or rather, I like her as an actress in Enough. If you haven't seen that movie, you have to! It's so good! Oh, and I like her in The Wedding Planner too. But that's it. And Selena. But that's all. She wasn't bad in Maid in Manhattan. That's it though. For real. Was she in any other movies?

2. Getting my hair shampooed is another reason I love going to the salon. What's better? Getting your hair shampooed (with a good scalp massage), or getting a back massage? Correct answer: scalp massage/shampoo. Heavenly.

3. Catching up on gossip with my hair stylist.

4. Looking fabulous.

In conclusion, I'm happy tonight and my hair looks better than it ever does when I style it myself.

In other Wednesday Thoughts, every now and then I hear something that creates a lot of imagery in my mind, like "BRAINS" - the clinic in Grand Rapids that inspired so many drawings from me awhile back. This week inspiration struck again. This time it was from something Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of the Congressional Black Caucus said. I think you know what I am referring to - when he called the debt ceiling deal a "sugar coated satan sandwich."

A sugar coated satan sandwich. I mean, what is that?! Without getting into the politics of it all (I think we've all had enough with the debt ceiling), I'll tell you what it could be: Or rather, show you:

a surprise in the middle!

With fries on the side

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Man, J Lo in Enough really is the best!! That whole paragraph is the best, actually!!! So funny! I agree about scalp massage/shampoo being the best - it feels sooooo good! And looking fabulous in the end really is a nice bonus.

I think, if I had to choose, I'd eat the first sandwich - I like surprises!! These drawings are so amazing!! The second one makes me laugh every time!

Lynne said...

agree on the scalp massage. I have a confession, I once changed hair stylists because the one I had been going to didn't really spend any time on the shampoo/conditioning...and beings as how I enjoy my scalp massage at the hair salon, I had to change stylists! Granted, I liked the new stylist a bit better anyways, but still...they have to be good at the shampoo/hair massage!

Savd said...

Monster-in-Law is another great JLo flick! :)

Sui Sin Far said...

Ummm, Katherine, that sandwich you're eating, it's a little phallic. And, wow, I didn't realize JLo had been married and divorced a couple of times before already. I also missed the part where she had kids. (She had two kids?) I guess that happened while I lived out of the country. Ooo, and can anyone tell me if her parents are of "European ancestry" what in particular that might be (Spain, Italy, what)?

brenda hatch said...

Enough is one of my top 5 favorite movies!!!

Ben said...

i think a sugar-coated satan sandwich would have habanero or ghost peppers hidden in it. I think it would be served in a club sandwich style, but instead of toothpicks or those tiny plastic swords it would have tiny tridents stuck in it. wouldn't that be cute?

Mark said...

And the tiny tridents wouldn't be sideways, they would be sticking up like toothpicks, so you'd accidentally stab the roof of your mouth when you took a bite.

artistmomlearner said...

Honestly, Elizabeth, I thought the 2nd drawing said, "with fires on the side" not, "with fries on the side". Think about it, it sort of makes sense. More sense than a sugar coated satan sandwich. I hadn't heard that, your blog is more fun to read than listening to the news!

Liz said...

I have never really appreciated J-LO's acting skills( and that's putting it nicely) but I may just have to check out this 'Enough' that you speak of.