Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Social Network(s)

 Smug actor from that overrated movie
I enjoy my social networks. They give me something to do when I'm bored, they provide me with a way to stalk guys I'm crushing on (go ahead and judge me, but I know you do it too), and they give me something to do when I'm bored.

Here are my feelings about the social networks I'm involved with:

Facebook: Love/hate. Facebook almost gives me too much information, leaving me feeling more disconnected from people in a strange way. It's nice to see what my friends are up to - especially friends who live far away. But seeing what they're up to and not being a part of it makes me feel more distant from them sometimes. Do any of you experience this? Other than that, I like Facebook and the things it has to offer. If asked to deactivate my Facebook account, I would find it very difficult. I'm not proud of that...

Myspace: LOVE! I'm kidding. I set up an account for this years ago and haven't been back since.

Twitter: Love, for real. Twitter is hilarious (depending on who you follow, of course). I follow some pretty funny people so I always get a laugh when I log on. My only problem with Twitter is that not enough of my actual friends are on it (hint,  hint). If you're looking for me on Twitter, you can find me here (link).

Google+: And this brings me to the reason for writing this post. I signed up for Google+ maybe a month or so ago and I've spent about ten minutes total on it since. I just can't really get into it. I know some of you (cough*Brady*cough) love it, but I don't really understand why, and I also don't really understand how it works. Do you guys think it will be as big as Facebook? Bigger? Do you like it? Someone please talk me into caring about Google+.

I'm also curious: which is your favorite social network, and why? Which is your least favorite?


Katherine said...

My favorite is Facebook. I like connecting with people that way, FB stalking people ;), and playing games on there. I'm with you on Google+. I mean, it's nice that it's connected with my email, I guess, but big woop. :) I enjoy Twitter when I get on there, but am not on there much. I'll try to remedy that!

Joe D said...

I also have Google+. The reason I do is because I like how it integrates Google Talk, and that I can choose to whom I am sharing information, but I can also follow people whom I admire. I do still however spend more time on Facebook, simply because there are more people I know there than are using Google+ yet. Facebook is just so old hat now.. I'm ready for something new.

Joe D said...

P.S. Another thing to get in to is Spotify. It links in with Facebook and you can share music, and discover what your FB friends are listening to.

Eric said...

Facebook is obviously the biggest one for me. I have a myspace account and really tried to make a stand for Myspace when facebook first grabbed hold, but it didn't last. I'm on Google+ but somehow it doesn't think I'm me, and I never remember the address to log in. I get invites from people on my e-mail but when I click on the link it says I'm not a member yet yadda yadda yadda... but I kinda expect Google+ will be like GoogleWave.. great idea that will just fizzle. and I'm on spotify as well and it's cool. (found it through google+) but I never have a chance to sit around and listen to music. I'm going to make a prediction... I predict that this "internet" thing is just going to be a fad that goes away in about 3 years. so there.. don't worry about Google + it doesn't love you anyway. OOh and I don't tweet.. never really much cared for it.

Mark said...

I prefer Facebook. It lets me say Happy Birthday to people without having to commit everyone's date to memory!

Elizabeth, what LDS social websites are you on currently, and what ones have you tried and given up on? I'm just asking because your grandmother is concerned about your welfare.

violet50 said...

Funny, Mark! It's Facebook for me. I echo the idea of not having to memorize everyone's birthday! And I've been able to keep up with cousins and old friends who, in the past, may have only gotten a Christmas card from me, if that. It makes our relationship more three dimensional, if that makes sense?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Mark, I'm not really on any lds social networks. I signed up for one (lds linkup) about six years ago or something like that? But I'm almost never on it. Are there any good ones out there?

Liz said...

I agree, I do not understand google+ I have no desire to join.

Is MySpace still around?! I think I may have an account still, I'm pretty sure the only friend I have left is that Tom guy.

I also have a love/hate feelings for FB. My biggest problem is that they have really sold out. Have you noticed all the adds even when using the mobile app adds bombard me. But I just don't have the will power to deactivate. And besides even if I did deactivate I'm sure FB would still own all my photos, information, posts, and soul. (This is only 1 of the problems I have with FB)