Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Last night my friend Sarah and I attended a Sound of Music sing-along at the Michigan Theater. In case you're wondering, it's exactly what you'd think: 600 people singing along with The Sound of Music. And let's be honest, something like that could go either way. At the start of the movie, I sighed and said, "oh, I love this movie."  Sarah said, "I just hope these people don't ruin it for me."

It was a truly unique experience. Here are some thoughts I had during the movie.

* It's funny how as you get older, you see things differently. For example, last night I felt much more sympathy for the Baroness than I used to, though I have always felt bad for her. Why is the Baroness seen in such a bad way? She didn't do anything to Maria (I mean, {spoiler alert} except when she sort of encouraged her to leave). But she didn't do anything that any women in love wouldn't do. And yet, {spoiler alert again} she still got dumped for a younger woman! Sigh. It's so sad.

The Baroness, in happier times.
What? The Captain loves me?
I didn't mean to be so adorable!
Why, whatever shall I do?

* Maria's awesome. Ignore what I said before. (I'm complicated.) She's a great mother figure to the kids, she's chipper and sweet, she has a beautiful voice (I think if Julie Andrews sang to me every night before bed, my life would be 85% happier), and she has good taste in men because.....

* The Captain is dreamy. Am I right, ladies??

Even nuns can't resist him.

* The best song to sing along to was the first song the nuns sing in Latin. I hope that's not the last time I sing in Latin.

* The worst song to sing along to was "Climb every mountain" because it just sounds ridiculous to try to sound like that nun with the beautiful operatic voice.

* The funniest song to sing along with was "The Lonely Goatherd" because of the yodeling. Little known fact about me: I'm awesome at yodeling (at least, in my own head I am).

* You know that super tense scene at the end when the von Trapps are hiding from the Nazis in the abbey, and barely missing the beams of the Nazi soldier's flashlights? Well, someone in the back of our theater started shining a flashlight around the theater during that scene. It really broke up the tension. Slash added to it because I felt like I was about to be caught.

In conclusion, movie sing-alongs? Two thumbs up. The first time people started singing along, I jumped about a mile because I got caught up in the movie and forgot about singing along. But after that, it was fun, a little embarrassing, and hilarious. I'd highly recommend it.

I was thinking about what other musicals I'd like to go to sing-alongs for and my top three would be Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, and Hairspray. What about you?

Happy Wednesday.


lizzie mc.- said...

My fair lady! That would be a blast!

Really. Great. Blog. It makes everything okay that I didn't get to go/ don't have anything like that here. Entertainment, drama, humor. And a little bit of you in every part. I give this movie sing along blog two thumbs up.

Heather said...

That sounds awesome. Plus as a bonus I would finally get to see the end!!
Apparently I need to watch it again anyway. I dont recall a Baroness at all!
I would love to see The King and I as a sing along. Superfun! Ect.Ect.Ect.

T. Taylor Joo said...

I just wrote a post of a story about the Sound of Music. Too long to write put it here as a comment. :)

Also, there's one song in the musical not in the movie. We were like, "Is that a new song in the musical?", but we figured the musical was there first.

Limequat said...

Definitely Annie would be an amazing sing-along, and ANY Disney movie!

Sara said...

Mary Poppins! I just bought a vintage Mary Poppins book. Love Julie Andrews! Now I'll have yodeling in my head all day. Oh, and flibbertajibbit is probably my favorite word.

Sarah said...

You left out the part about all the sound effects (barking, booing, etc.) and props we had to learn to use!! :) (Including the fake edelweiss flowers and the snap poppers!) :) I'm telling you, watching that movie now without all the extras will almost be a disappointment! Almost. :)

T. Taylor Joo said...

I googled about the baroness, and apparently, someone wrote a play from the baroness' perspective. In the article, she says:

"I also found no evidence to suggest the baroness was connected to the Nazis at all. And there is something vaguely disturbing about [the captain] going off with a young nun."

Katherine said...

Oh, I SO wish I could have gone! Sounds amazing. And I believe you about the yodeling. ;) I think Hairspray would be so fun, as well as Hello, Dolly! and DEFinitely Singin' In the Rain!!!

violet50 said...

I sing along with all of the musicals at home - sorry family!!

Liz said...

Christopher Plummet was very yummy.
I think singing along to the following musicals would be great;
Mamma Mia: who doesn't love singing ABBA
Urinetown: who doesn't love singing about bathroom matters