Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I was told recently that I have a Michigan accent. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm not ashamed to sound like I'm from Michigan because I love the mitten state, as you all know. But there's something about having any kind of accent that doesn't sit well with me. Do you know what I mean? I love other people's accents, but it seems like most people aren't willing to admit they have one. We all want to sound like the generic national news anchors or the actors in our favorite sitcoms. But I'm not exactly sure why.

Speaking of regional differences (or whatever), one of my friends posted this map on Facebook earlier today. It's a map showing what people across the country call what we in Michigan refer to as "pop" but which some of you crazies call soda or coke. The same friend who told me I have a Michigan accent has been trying all summer to get me to say soda instead of pop. It's not happening.

In other thoughts, what is it about hearing someone got stuck in an elevator that's so funny? Not just "someone," but someone you know. I mean, what could be worse than getting a stuck in an elevator? But two of my coworkers got stuck in one this week and none of the rest of us could stop laughing when we heard about it, even though in one case, the person was pretty upset by it. I mean, it's not funny, right? So why is it!? (Both coworkers were perfectly fine and not stuck in there very long, for the record.)

My last thought today is this: it's tomato season and I couldn't be more in love with tomatoes these days. When you eat a fresh garden tomato, it makes you wonder what right that nasty pinkish thing you've been buying from the grocery store has to call itself by the same name. I went to the farmers market this morning and bought more tomatoes than I'll probably be able to eat (but not all of these. Just almost.):

I see many tomato sandwiches in my near future and I couldn't be happier about it.

Happy Wednesday.


D said...

Huge pet peeve of mine when people call pop coke. I don't want a coke. I want a root beer or something else. bah humbug! It's good to see that map and to know that Pop has a majority of the nation. I was sad to see I am currently living in a coke state! ack!

Mmmm... toast and tomato is the best. Even better with some sliced avocado too. :)

Mark said...

When I was young my mom introduced the family to "cherry tomatoes". What a horrible trick to play on a little boy! They did not taste anything like cherries. To this day, I prefer my tomatoes smashed up in spaghetti sauce.

I knew this guy once who got stuck in the bathroom at church...

Emily said...

I just had a conversation with my co-workers about the Michigan accent today, which lead us to pass around the following two videos:

These accents may not be straight from Michigan, but they remind me of home.

Katherine said...

HA! Mark - "I cannot get out! *knock knock knock*"

You know my views on tomatoes, E, so I'm gonna slide past that part.

I'm also happy to see Pop commanding so much of the country, as well it should!!! ;) It's actually quite surprising to see how little of the country says Soda, since I feel like I got a lot of sass from Soda-ites. And I may say Pop with a Michigan accent, but at least I sound like all of the natives from the best state in the Union!!!

I said it.

Mike said...

It's funny that there is one county in Northern California that is adamantly standing by coke.

Christi said...

I remember my first or second day in Michigan. I was buying a couch at that Art Van over by Briarwood mall, and the guy there asked me where I was from, because I "Definitely wasn't from around those parts"

I was so offended. And I have no idea why.

T. Taylor Joo said...

Upon further research*, I found this result:
a. soda (52.97%)
b. pop (25.08%)
c. coke (12.38%)

*as in the first reference on the "soft drink" entry of wikipedia.

violet50 said...

*It's the disdain in the (heavily accented) voice of the person who says I have an accent that bothers me.
*There's nothing like garden fresh tomatoes. You're totally right - the ones from the store are pretenders. Having said that,I think I'll go and drink my pop now. Oh yeah - it's pop.

Sui Sin Far said...

And, yet, our media is being produced out of soda states. Also, interesting, Salt Lake appears to be going by soda now. It's all those people that moved in from California.

Liz said...

People would describe the Michigan accent as being somewhat nasaly but never noticed any Michigan accent when I was there.

(Deep sigh, rubbing temples) It's pronounced Soda!
I don't trust that map, I smell a conspiracy.