Saturday, August 27, 2011

National Mall

It's strange the things I choose to blog about. Major things go by in my life without a mere mention on here. If you didn't know me better, you'd think the biggest thing in my life was Prancing Leo. But since I'm blogging every day for the time being, you'll find out a bit more about my day to day life. I can't promise it'll be interesting, but it's happening, people. There's no point fighting it.

Last week I went to Washington, DC for my cousin's wedding. I have been there several times before and I love seeing the sites. The night before the wedding, we had a free evening so we decided to head over to the National Mall.

Though I have been there before, it was a totally different experience seeing the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial (my favorite) at night. Side note: whenever I see the Washington Monument I think of Forest Gump (when he made that speech there). Other things that remind me of Forest Gump? Shrimp, ping pong, boxes of chocolates, riding lawnmowers, knee braces, and anyone named Jenny.

 We also visited the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam wall. But I couldn't get good pictures of them because it was so dark. I absolutely love the Lincoln Memorial. There's a feeling of reverence there.The back of the penny really doesn't do it justice. If you guys haven't been to Washington, DC, you really should. (Day or night.)

The Washington Monument

As seen from the World War II Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial as seen on the penny...

The Lincoln Memorial

I wasn't the only one taking pictures.
Imagine my surprise when I ran into an old friend!
My only regret is that I had some mud on my shoe and to get it off, I kicked the side of the Washington Monument pretty hard. If you heard of any structural damage to the Monument this week, I had nothing to do with it. (Dumbest joke ever! I honestly can't believe I'm publishing it!)


SAC said...

Little bit envious. Looks like lots of fun. I recall only through a thick haze when I was small visiting Washington D.C., don't remember almost anything. Ha ha, totally was in the dark about prancing leo until I saw that pic and thought, wait, umm, whats going on here?!
Though on the issue of blogging, I admit I take my hat off to you. I've never been good even at writing in journal, and doing this every day can be tough. I've been trying to make comments of some nature on your quest for daily blogging(not completely sure of why I semi decided to start doing that, but so far I am), and even this is tough. I'm up past midnight doing it. Wow bed time.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, I appreciate your comments! But no pressure!! Thanks though. :)

Evonne said...

We were just in DC a few weeks ago. It wasn't my first trip there, but I was so sick the fist time I didn't really get to enjoy it as much as this past trip. My only regret is not getting to see the monuments at night.

Vance said...

Your post reminds me of home. :) Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.

T. Taylor Joo said...

Less-known gems of DC: National Arboretum. US Mint, Holocust Museum, and FDR Memorial (at night).

violet50 said...

Seing the monuments at night all lit up was magical. It made them seem even more magestic than ususal.