Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just like you

This man looks like
he's plotting to murder me.
You know what makes me nervous? When someone says, "I know someone who looks just like you!" My first thought is always, "my gosh, I hope I never see that person!"

It's not because I hate the way I look. I've pretty much come to terms with my looks. But I guess I'd rather not think too hard about what other people think my strong features are. And when it comes to look alikes - in what ways do we look alike? In the good ways, or the bad?

Apparently there are several women in the metro-Detroit area who "look just like" me, or so I've been told. My insecurities tell me that seeing these women will only confirm my suspicions, and that it would be like seeing a live caricature of myself. I have no interest in meeting these women. Ever.

But the other day my friend Vaughn told me he met someone who "reminds him of" me. "Reminding" someone of me is ok since he was just talking about her personality and not her appearance. So I prodded a little bit to get more information from him. Here's how the next part of the conversation went.

V: I met a girl who reminds me of you.
Me: Oh yeah? She sounds amazing. In what ways does she remind you of me? And be careful.
V: She talks a lot.
Me: Hmm. What else?
V: She doesn't think my racist or sexist jokes are funny.
Me: Good. She shouldn't. They're not funny. What else?
V: She's a Democrat.
Me: Ok. What else?
V: She's feisty and she likes to fight with me.
Me: Sounds like me. Is she hilarious?
V: She thinks she is.
Me: HEY!

I then lectured him on how funny I am until he believed me.

Have you ever been told you look like someone? Did you ever meet that person? How was it?

*I'm actually "Independent" but I'm not a Republican so I guess to some people that means I'm a Democrat. (Also, I'm kind of a Democrat.)


Anonymous said...

I have been told that my whole life. I have a twin brother :)

Erin Harris said...

I couldn't love that conversation with you and Vaughn any more than I do right now.

Katherine said...

That statement always makes me nervous, too! I was shown a picture once of someone who I looked like/who looked like me, and was unpleasantly surprised. Never again!!!!

lizzie mc.- said...

My father met my "twin." She was so like me in looks and mannerism that my dad thought mom surprised him and flew me in. Now to be mistaken for her by my father was a bit unnerving, and I feel a bit of pity for this unfortunate girl, but I would like to meet her.

Vance said...

I get that quite often too. I figure if they liked that person enough to remember them, then they will probably like me too.

Mark said...

I get that all the time. I hope to someday meet the other guy.

SAC said...

Apparently I had a doppelganger back in my high school days, a bizarro evil version of me. People would come up to me and say," Dude, I can't believe it man, last night you were crazy! You got so wasted, jumped off that roof! That was awesome!" This happened a few times, and many years later, I think I actually saw him. It was really weird. Looked pretty much exactly like me, but with tattoos, piercings, ripped clothes, the works. Even glasses my height, haircut and body type! Was I cloned at birth?

Liz said...

Maybe people keep seeing people that look like you because you're a clone. Like "Anna to the infinite power"