Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I have to admit that this week I have been in a bit of a weather-related funk. Every afternoon the temperatures have been getting just above freezing, which is just warm enough to melt some of the snow, which then forms impassable puddles on the sidewalks. Then in the late afternoon and overnight, when the temperatures go back down, these puddles freeze.

This used to be my playground
(Madonna style)
This morning as I was attempting to walk without falling, I decided in my anger that I am Daniel-san and winter is the Cobra Kai. All I'm trying to do is survive and not be afraid to go outside, but the Cobra Kai won't let me be. And when I decide to be brave and go on a walk, winter sweeps my leg. Every time.

If any of you have good ideas for how to keep my spirits up and beat winter, you can consider yourselves my Mr. Miyagi. I'm pretty sure "the Crane" isn't going to work in this case though, so don't even think about suggesting it or I'll know you were trained with Johnny at the Cobra Kai dojo.

That one time at the dojo

Ok, enough about Karate Kid and winter. (Although, PS, that movie's awesome.)

In other Wednesday Thoughts:
  • I'm tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen.  
  • It's March, which means it's almost St. Patrick's Day! I look pretty ok in green so March 17th is my day to shine. (That's one of the most ridiculous sentences I've ever written.)
  • I bought season one of Modern Family on DVD and just finished it. Hilarious!
  • Haven't seen the Justin Bieber movie yet, but will this weekend. It's gonna be hilarious too, but for different reasons.
  • I'm trying to undo the damage I did this winter which means less chocolate, more carrots. That might be contributing to my current mood, where everything, and everyone is against me. That reminds me, Doritos, chocolate, and ice cream are also in the Cobra Kai.
  • It's Wednesday, and that makes me happy. The weekend is almost here!
Happy Wednesday!


Eloy Trevino said...

I have yet to see the Justin movie with Alice.

Christi said...

Did you know that the Karate Kid is going to be on Dancing with the Stars?
He looks old.

Mark said...

When the Kid was whining about how hard his training was, did Mr Miyagi ever smack him in the back of the head and tell him to suck it up?

I'm more put out by people complaining about the weather than the actual snow, ice, cold, lack of sun, and having to shovel my driveway.

Every time I hear about Charlie Sheen, it makes me want to hug a hooker.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, wow, Mark, tell me how you really feel! Here's some advice: if you're tired of people complaining about the weather, take a break from this blog for the next few weeks. :)

Mike said...

If Doritos, chocolate, and ice cream are in the Cobra Kai, I'm changing my name to Johnny and joining up! I'm going to apologize ahead of time Elizabeth, if I happen to sweep your leg next time I see you.

Christi said...

Winter definitely is the Cobra Kai. I'm glad you share a hatred of all things cold with me. It (along with a multitude of other reasons) makes your blog worth reading?

P.S. Does anyone besides Mormon's use the word multitude? What about the phrase "Your body is a Temple"?

lizzie mc.- said...

Did you see the new Karate Kid? What a fun movie. Andy just got me the KKII for Valentines... like a knight in shining armor or whatever it's called...Yeah 80's!

There are only two solutions to cold and winter blues, chocolate (try dark, more bang for the caloric buck) and day dreams. (Sitting in a Soji-screen house trying to catch a fly always seems to cheer me up.)

And by the by, I'm probably the one, who on a previous blog said, "you're funny, but others' comments... blah, blah, blah." Sorry, didn't mean to offer a backhanded compliment. Oops. Thanks for all the funnies, you spur us all on to the lighter side of life. Missed ya!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, "it makes me want to hug a hooker". that should make the quote section.

And there is only one solution to your winter blue's --- move to warmer weather... you know you want to.

And I didn't get the memo that chocolate was a winter food...that explains a lot.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Amy said...

I'll bet if you moved to northern North Dakota for a few winters, and then came back to Michigan, during a week like this you would be thinking, "Wow, the ice is actually melting during the day! And it's only the beginning of March!" I'm not saying you should actually move. But maybe think that you could be living in northern North Dakota right now, and how you as a northern North Dakotan would feel if you got to experience a Michigan late-winter.

And eat carrots with hummus. That always makes me happier than just plain carrots.

Katherine said...

Well, maybe start by waxing on about summer, then waxing off the hair on your legs. Then (now hear me out) do the crane in a yoga class (I've never taken yoga, but I'm thinking you can fit it in somehow) while you work on your summer bod. Top that all off with doing some paintings of summer on a - yes, you guessed it! - fence. Et voilà! Summer blues gone, black belt ceremony coming up!

P.S. This Karate Kid-winter analogy is one of the best analogies I've ever heard!!!

Sarah said...

Winter as Cobra Kai...excellent reference!! :) Another excellent point is the one about Charlie Sheen. I've been avoiding some of my fave TV shows and websites due to the ridiculous news of his even more ridiculous behavior and I'm not going to tolerate it for long!!

Heather said...

I don't know commenter, Katherine, but all of her advice seemed good and theme related. I can't top that.

Limequat said...

Put on "Glory of Love" rrl rrl loud. Lip sync your heart out. The kind of lip syncing where your whole face and body are so into it that if someone took a photo of you, it would appear as though you are being possessed by a demon who's compelling you to make out with something you are currently finding really disgusting.

If you can find someone to take such a photo of you, save it and look at it whenever you are sad about winter and you will laugh very hard.

violet50 said...

So that WAS you I saw at the dojo! Christi - I say plethora. And I love Mr. Miyagi!

karajean said...

Glad to know my office isn't the only place obsessed with talking about Charlie Sheen. It's crazy!

Liz said...

Oh Daniel san you crack me up. Has enough time passed, so I can start mentioning Charlie sheen again?
I've been told I look good in red, so I guess Bastille day is my day to shine.