Saturday, March 12, 2011

Side Effects

Today has been loco - I have been running from one thing to the next. Everything going on has been very fun (bridal shower, seeing Beastly {which I give 3 stars out of 10}, going to a party or two) but still - nonstop. I decided  I would sit down for 2.2 minutes and relax while waiting for something to warm up in the oven for the next event. So I plopped onto the couch and turned on the tv.

Though I haven't been paying any attention to what is actually on tv, I have noticed the commercials, specifically those prescription commercials - the ones that say things like, "yes, this could improve your heart OR, it could make things a million times worse."

Like this one for Toehelpia:

Quickly relieves toe pain due to over use of flip flops.

Side effects may include: increased toe pain, hatred of flip flops, major personality change, head aches, desire to wear roller blades inside, toe fungus, heart problems, diabetes, long nose hairs, baldness, hip dysplasia, foreign accent, distrust of friends, increased belly button lint, loss of toes completely, and death.

I know that legally they have to list the side effects (actually, I don't know that, but I assume that - otherwise, why would they?) but honestly! The message of some of these commercials is: "what you have is bad, but if you're interested, we could make it worse!"

Hmmm... sounds like some dates I've been on.

Random thoughts, I know. Ok, on to the next thing!


lizzie mc.- said...

hahaha. Very clever. We always laugh about those RX adds too. But if you take Toehelpia, then you'll need another expensive med that you didn't previously need. I'll be laughing out loud for the next week every time I think of this. Thanks.

Kate Weber said...

It's so true. I feel terrible for the people that could probably use these drugs but are afraid of the consequences of using them!

BTW, I agree about Beastly completely.

Katherine said...

Those are the best side effects ever!!! Like I said before, the random section of your brain is my favorite!! "Foreign accent!" HA!

TheSinglesWard said...

The side effects of AZ are warm winters, sunshine, and more vitamin D than you ever could imagine...

Crystal said...

So true - there is this one, I can't remember the drug it is (I think it was depression related) but the side effects just keep rolling ... so much that I actually had to pause the rewind the tv to make sure I heard them all right. Too funny!

Liz said...

Wait a second! I'm beginning to think you just made up toehelpia.