Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Happy Things

Welcome to "things making me happy," the St. Patrick's Day edition! As you know, last week I posted a collage of things that had made me happy that week. Focusing on the positive cheered me up so I thought I'd make a habit out of it! Here's week two:

1. Green cupcakes with green sparkles for St. Patty's Day!
2. The snow and ice are melting! Good riddance!

3. Bike riding is back in my life and this is making me beyond happy. I'd forgotten about that part of me - the part that flies down the street with my hair blowing in the breeze. I missed that part of me! I'm so happy spring is here (here-ish).

4. Corned beef and cabbage - delicious!

5. A fire hydrant wearing a winter hat - with the temps earlier this week, I understand.

6. Twitter. I've been blowing it up this week with the most fascinating, mind blowing (read: boring) tweets ever. Still, I'm loving it. (This picture is slightly altered for the holiday.) :)

7. Green salsa. Going out to a Mexican restaurant on St. Patrick's Day didn't seem right, so I got some green salsa to make it better.

8. Bad movies. I saw Beastly with my friend Heidi last weekend, and it was (spoiler alert): bad. The only good thing was that Neil Patrick Harris had a small role - he almost saved the movie. Other that that, hilariously bad. Two words: Mary Kate Olsen. Make that three words. She played the witch who put the curse on the popular boy. Need I say more?
The next night we got a couple other girls to join us and saw Red Riding Hood. It was ridiculous. Seeing bad movies is my new favorite thing to do. :)

What's making you happy this week?


Katherine said...

I like this idea of a "things that make me happy" collage! I think I might try it! The weather being so AMAZING today definitely has made me happy!!! YAY! And #5 on your list made me happy with its ridiculousness! HA! How was the green salsa? And as much as I like the image of your hair blowing behind you as you ride your careful and find your helmet!!!!! ;) I had to say it. :)

Ashley said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Elizabeth!

Stabenow7 said...

lot's and lot's of walking is making me happy.....Those cupcakes of yours would have made me happy for a min! mmmmloooks yummy~o!

Heidi said...

First, have you stopped compulsively checking people's eye color to make sure they couldn't be a werewolf? Because I haven't.

Second, I feel a strong strong urge to bust out into a dramatic reading of "Having a Coke with You", but I feel that might cause you to rethink our friendship and I need the bad movie club in my life.... Seeing bad movies just makes me feel so much better about my life. I mean let's just look at the facts:
- Mary Kate hasn't cursed me this year
- I don't have a fake Arabic tattoo
- I could go on and on

Crystal said...

The spring weather is finally rolling in, which is making me SO happy. Last night after dinner the kids got to play outside and I also took a run to our local awesome ice cream place, which always has a line around the corner on St. Patrick's Day, their opening day of the season!

I totally didn't know that Mary Kate Olsen was the witch in that movie - that is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard! I will definitely wait for the DVD, but I will have to see this one.

Vaughn said...

i like the new header on the blog. What does it mean when someone has a small roll?!?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, I suppose I meant role. Thanks, Vaughn.

And thanks for the compliment on the header. :)

karajean said...

This week spring break and vacation from work made me happy, but now it's coming to an end, and I am sad. Blah.

Liz said...

Making me happy this week: classic 80's movies
Making me sad: having to enter a code to post comments on your blog. It's driving me crazy.