Friday, March 25, 2011

Things making me happy this week

Yesterday was Thursday
Today it is Friday
We-we-we so excited
We gonna have a ball today
(If you don't recognize these lyrics, consider yourself lucky! Check out #8 for more info.)

Like I said, today is Friday! Time to reflect on the things making me happy this week. Without further ado:

1. Detroit women's roller derby. We went to a game on Saturday and had a blast. Unfortunately, it wasn't all underground and hardcore like in Whip It, but even at Cobo Arena, it was pretty cool, and fairly hardcore.

2. Bridal showers. This is a secret I haven't revealed on here, but last year I put a ban on all bridal showers and baby showers for personal reasons (which I'm sure you can figure out). I realize it was a bit selfish of me but it was a matter of survival. I think I only went to one last year - so that person (you know who you are!) should feel really special. Anyway, I have been to two bridal showers in the past two weeks and have been having a blast. Guess I'll keep the ban lifted for awhile.

3. Deeeeetroit! I ate at the delicious crepe restaurant "Good girls go to Paris" for the second time this year. And hopefully not the last.

4. Photofunia. As is evidenced in my new header, I've been having way too much fun with that website.

5. Friends. I know, I'm so cheeseball.

6. Making this list. Double cheeseball.

7. This list of "The best Simpsons headlines!" If you love the Simpsons as much as I do, you should definitely check out this link. You will bust a gut. 

8. The song "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Wow. Just... just awful.

What's making you happy this week? 


Katherine said...

Hee hee! This list AND #6 on this list make me happy! Funny or Die has made me happy this week, along with Bieber or Die. That Biebs...
I had a great critique on my paintings yesterday from Michiko Itatani, a visiting artist/lecturer, and she really helped me feel great about my work/career/identity as an artist. I also got to hang with the fam a bit yesterday and today, and had a good/interesting Celtic Festival meeting last night! (July 8 & 9, folks - (Yep, I just used your blog to advertise, E. Sorry...) ;) Thanks for keeping up with your "what makes me happy" lists - they're a good reminder to me to appreciate the little (and the big) things in my life more!

Stephanie Curtis said...

1. Katherine's picture and that I do a double take every time I see it trying to figure out if I know him (oh I do). I love that picture.

2. I discovered two things tonight that I have never done before: Chucke Cheese (as we were leaving the Plain White Ts 1234 song came on, after it was done it said "oh Chucke, I didn't know you were so romantic. Was that for me?" Yup Chucke's fun exteroir is covering his romantic heart {insert deep ahhh}) and Steak and Shake - love it. Both made my night better than it had been.

3. That people let me involve them in my crazy ideas. I dressed up three other people in crazy clothes for my non-talent because I think I am hilarious. Also I got to dance. I love it and Adam's dance team did amazing if I say so myself.

4. I am almost done. I love driving (especially my own car or manual transmissions).

5. That I have a whole two more days before I go back to work I can't believe I have fit this into one night.

Robert Ford said...

have you seen this one yet? so good!

Robert Ford said...

um, robert ford didn't post that, sandy ford did. weird.

Ashley said...

Making me happy:

Today is Saturday and I only have ONE commitment. The rest of the day will be spent relaxing!

Heather said...

1. Hanging out with you and mom today.
2. Full House
3. Getting my new glasses today.
4. Going to the book sale at the library and getting some Babysitters Club Books.
5. Playing Cityville
6. My new Shirt. Thanks!

Joe D said...

Good movies, good music, renewed hope, projects turning out well, hanging with friends.. A buddy of mine was singing the words of "Friday" to the tune of Bieber's "Baby, Baby, Baby" the other day.. I wanted to throttle him, but it did make me laugh.

Sara said...

I've only heard the Friday song once and sadly, I thought it was cute. And then it was stuck in my head all weekend. But, I also think autotune should be banned.

This weekend, vintage furniture and a roadtrip away from Detroit! But, mmm crepes!

Liz said...

#5 makes me happy, I love that picture(taken at my birthday dinner at Seva)