Monday, March 28, 2011

TV boyfriends

When I went to Sarah's to meet up with her the other day, she said, "I have some stuff for you over there on the chair." I looked to where she was pointing and saw there was a book she thought I'd like, and this, which she'd torn out of a magazine for me:

Yama Mama!

For you anti-Losties, that's Sawyer, one of the many hotties of Lost. The number one hottie, really. (Don't even try to say Jack is hotter - we all know it's not true. I suppose a close second would be Hurley.)

Looking at this picture (or gazing, really), I started thinking about my other TV boyfriends. I know what you're thinking right now, "pf! tv boyfriends! pathetic!" But you know you have them too. It's not like you spend time thinking about them when you're not watching their show, but when you are watching their show, you think of him as the guy you'd date if the show were real and you were a character.

Here are some shows I watch, or have watched, along with who my fantasy boyfriend is in that show:

HIMYM boyfriend: Ted. or Marshall, depending. But mostly Ted.
Lost boyfriend: Sawyer. And sometimes Keamy.
30 Rock boyfriend: Kenneth*
Community boyfriend: I choose none.
Friends boyfriend: Ross
The Simpsons boyfriend: Ned Flanders
Modern Family boyfriend: Dylan (he's 22 in real life, so stop judging)
Psych boyfriend: Henry (he's 56 in real life, so stop judging)
The Office boyfriend: Jim or Darrell
Seinfeld boyfriend: Putty or Jay Peterman
Magnum PI boyfriend: Higgins**
Northern Exposure boyfriend: Chris (duh)
Sabrina boyfriend: Harvey (double duh)

Who are your tv boyfriends/girlfriends?? Dish!

*Just kidding. It's Lutz.
** Jah right!


Maxabillion J said...

Hmmm, the only show I really watch is Top Gear, and there aren't any ladyfolk on that show, so I'll just have to fold.

Claire said...


No way.

My first reaction to Darrell was similar, but I actually kind of like him. haha.

Savd said...

Chuck: Well, Chuck, obviously!
Amazing Race: Phil the host :)
The Office: Jim...swoon...
The Bachelor: Mark, the host (hmmm, maybe I have a thing for hosts!)
Friends: Chandler
SATC: Mr. Big

Elizabeth Downie said...

Claire, I was mostly kidding about Dylan. ;) I just couldn't think of anyone to crush on from that show. It was between Phil and Dylan.

I like Darrell for real! He's smooth! Remember his standard text? BTB (Bring that booty)! Haha

Katherine said...

Since we watch a lot of the same shows, I'm using a lot of yours...

Chuck: Chuck!!!
Lost: Mr. Eko, or Desmond
30 Rock: Toofer
Friends: Ross
Psych: Gus
The Office: Jim or Andy
Magnum PI: MAGNUM!
Northern Exposure: Chris
Sabrina: Harvey
Arrested Development: Michael
SpongeBob Squarepants: Larry
Royal Pains: Evan

P.S. You forgot your Monk boyfriend: Captain Stottlemeyer! (I have no idea how to spell that...)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Katherine - how could I forget Cptn Stottlemeyer!? Dang, I loved that guy.

Larry!? hahaha

Good call on Michael from AD, but I'd have to go with Tobias. ;)

Heather said...

I don't have tv, so I'm going to mention my all-time boyfriend: Channing Tatum. He is a hottie bo tottie -to the max.
There are some shows on Netflix I watch:
Scrubs:Turk.It was love after he sang safety dance.
Rita Rocks: Kip, he just so nice.
Can we go with Movies though, because I know we all agree that in the new Star Trek movie the guy who plays James T Kirk and his dad at the beginging were HOT!
I could go on and on, but I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked you don't like Michael from the Office!

What about movie boyfriends?

How do you prepare for a date with your tv show boyfriends? Do you get all prepped as if a regular boyfriend were dropping by for an hour, or are you just tv show casual as if you were watching Anne or Green Gables (oh - I always liked that guy on that show), or Oprah? I suppose tv show boyfriends make for a low maintenance low cost date! :)

What about old rerun boyfriends? Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, Get Smart, etc.?


Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh man, Heather - that guy was so hot. When his dad died at the beginning, I almost left the theater. But Chris Pine was hot too, so I stayed (haha).

Elisabeth, the beauty of the tv boyfriend is that I do NOTHING to prepare to see them! And they love me as I am. ;)

Erin Harris said...

I love this post. TV boyfriends?! Hilarious. I dunno though, I know Sawyer is the hottest, but I still have a thing for Jack (I know, I know). I used to have a crush on Zac Morris though too.

If we got into MOVIE boyfriends....oh man, that would be a long, long list.

Emily said...

Heather and Elizabeth, you're in luck, because Kirk's Dad (Chris Hemsworth) is playing Thor in the upcoming movie. You should google the trailer, it's awesome.

As for TV boyfriends:
Castle-Castle (Nathan Fillion, my one true love...see also Firefly)
NCIS-McGee (the cutie geek)
Justified-Raylan Givens
Community-Troy and Abed (they're a package deal, according to a recent episode)

Heather said...

I LOVED Sawyer. Maybe a little too much. I tried to get The Coach to agree to naming our baby Sawyer. (I lost.) (Pun not intended.)

My current tv crush is Steven Tyler, much to the dismay of the rest of my family.

Today's Gift said...

Psych: Gus and Shawn (I can't decide)
Bones: Booth
House: Chase (with short hair) and Dr. Wilson
Office: Jim

Sara said...

Pacey! hahaha

Ru said...

Ben from "Parks and Recreation." So awkward and awesome.

Melissa C said...

You're awesome!

I only have 1 TV boyfriend...., most of the shows I watch I am not really interested in dating any of the characters (and I am married now)

Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore

The rest of my TV watching is Biggest Loser, and there isn't anyone on there I would want to date, except I would love to have Bob as my workout buddy.

Anonymous said...

Modern Family: Gloria. The beauty from Colombia.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

AngelaBeth said...

I pretty much only watch Top Gear, Mythbusters, and 30 Rock nowadays.

But I FOR SURE have a crush on Pete on 30 Rock. He is so perfect and adorable and I don't care that he is balding.

Aaaand.. first time I've said this.. I have a HUGE crush on Richard Hammond. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows I have a giant thing for Tory Belleci though so I'll mention that too.

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Richard Castle--OMG how cute and funny is he!


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Caitlin said...

I'll fight you for Sawyer... to the death. I'd be cheating on TVbf Tony Soprano though, and cheating is wrong. So very wrong. So wrong that's it's right. Right as rain. Rain dripping off Sawyer's nose onto his bare chest. What- what were we talking about again? Oh yeah. TO THE DEATH!

Sui Sin Far said...

I actually like Henry too.