Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short Term Goal Updates

A few posts ago I wrote out some short term goals. Here's where I hold myself accountable for how I've done:

•"Check in" on Facebook (if you're unfamiliar with "checking in," it's that thing where you let the government and all your friends know which restaurant you're at via Facebook.) I tried. This is what the screen said the entire time I was at the restaurant. Guess I shouldn't have added the "Block Big Brother app." 

•Either start Tweeting or get rid of Twitter. I've tweeted at least three times since I wrote this so I'd say that's a success. I took a shameful turn on Twitter though and started following Charlie Sheen. I can't help it though. He's "duh! Winning."

Which reminds me, if you haven't seen it, here's a clip of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Charlie Sheen. He nailed it.

 •Learn a new, healthy, recipe that doesn't make eating healthy feel depressing. Check, and check.

•Watch more Portlandia. I have failed at this but will get on it.

•Start a Snow Support Group for real. Well, for real-ish. In progress!

•Finish the book I'm reading, Dewey. I'm nervous because I heard it gets sad later... Dang cats. Almost there.

•Find a new celebrity crush. I'm getting tired of James Franco. Changed my mind. Why get a new crush when James Franco is such a worthy one?

•Watch James Franco on the Oscars Sunday night and drool over him. A lot. It would have been easier to drool over him if he didn't have that crazy look on his face the whole night:

•Tell the snow how I really feel about it, then kick it. Hard. I said some hurtful things to the snow. The kinds of things you can't take back. It helped a little bit. The problem with the snow is that while I hate it, in the sense that it is the Cobra Kai and makes driving impossible, it really is pretty. This was the scene I saw out the restaurant window tonight:

•Get rid of my winter personality (grouchy) and replace it with my summer personality (elated). I'm afraid I have not yet made this happen. I'm pretty sure it won't happen until winter ends.

•Watch Legally Blonde for something like the fourth time this winter. Love it just as much every time. If not more. I happened to catch it on tv the other night, so yes! Love it.

BONUS UPDATE: Since I've been talking a lot about the Justin Bieber movie, I thought I should tell you that I saw it today. Not only did I see it, but I saw it in 3D. Um, this next part isn't easy for me to say. I went to the movie thinking I was going to mock it the entire time. Turns out it was........


good. It turns out the kid can dance. (Oh yeah, and sing.)  And the story of his rise to fame was actually kind of interesting. When we sat down, I said to my friend, "my biggest fear is that I am going to leave this theater with a crush on Justin Bieber." When the movie was over, I turned to him and said, "My fear came true." He said, "Even worse, I have a crush on him too." I've given you enough to judge me about in this post, so let me be clear that we were both joking. I did get a slight case of Bieber Fever, but the fever broke the moment I left the theater and no further treatment was required. Thank goodness.

How are your goals going?


TheSinglesWard said...

What is Portlandia?

Katherine said...

I'm not doing as well as you... Here's what I had:
Do something fun this afternoon. (I don't remember...)
Start using my membership at the Y. (Nope)
Steal your goal about kicking the snow, and repeat daily until it's gone. (On it)
Make fun of you (just a little bit) for Tweeting. (Not done nearly enough)
Be more patient (also a long-term goal). (Ummm...working on it)
Get my hair cut. (No)
Eat more bananas. (No)

I'll try harder...I did achieve the unset goal of seeing the Biebs in 3-D with you - it was amazing!! That kid's got skillz!!!

Sara said...

I think work and winter have sapped my energy enough that short term goals are too tiring to come up with. That said, I have watched all 6 episodes of Portlandia. And I want to finish knitting a hat for my niece this weekend and it's close to done.

Sarah said...

Your crushes are all over the place! First, James Franco, then anyone NOT James Franco, but then you resign to sticking with him because his crazy-look doesn't deter you, so then you pick up on other crazies and start following Charlie Sheen! This is heading in a bad direction! I start to think it's getting better when you find the wholesome Justin Bieber, but that is just as problematic because he is twelve. Oh Elizabeth, what are we going to do with you?? Might I suggest a healthy dose of Matthew Perry or perhaps a side of Adam Sandler? (Both crazy, but in a good way!) :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Hahahaha, don't worry - I don't actually have a crush on Biebs.

I'll work on it and try to find a new crush. I'll keep you updated. I'm going to see "I am number four" this week to see if Alex Pettyfer is a worthy option. I'll report back.

Wait... I just looked up his age and he's like 20 or 21... nevermind.

Finding a celebrity crush isn't as easy as it looks! They're all scumbags/druggies/losers....

I remember thinking Chris Pine was really cute in Star Trek, but I haven't really kept up with him. Hmm...I'm open for suggestions!

Anne Elliot said...

Go with Zachary Levi - the man can sing! (and knows Kung Fu)

Sarah said...

YES!! Zachary Levi! I saw him sing on the Oscars! :) Except, well, I'll have to cobra-kai-fight you for him! :)

Liz said...

I know you didn't mention her, but since you posted a pic I just have to say I hate Anne Hathaway.
Every time I think about you seeing the Bieber movie I laugh... Out loud.