Saturday, December 11, 2010

Funny at the Time.

Last night my friend Sarah and I went to the new Warren Miller ski film, Wintervention. If you've never been to one of these Warren Miller films, they're really fun. This was my second time going to one. It's basically a film full of the coolest, most dangerous, and wild ski and snow boarding tricks of the past year. It's a pretty informal movie experience, with lots of yelling and cheering, an MC, a bar, and even an intermission.

Here are a few conversations between Sarah and I last night that made me laugh. If they make you laugh too, yay! If not, boo. But that's ok. Sometimes, you just have to have been there.

MC: How's everyone feeling tonight!?
Me to Sarah: Why do MCs always have to say that? It's so unoriginal.
MC (again): How's everyone feeling tonight!?
Sarah (semi-yelling): I'm a little under the weather, actually!

Sarah to me: Have you ever seen the Mothman Prophesies?
Me: Yes.
Sarah: Really? I'm surprised you'd see it since you hate moths so much.
Me: Yeah, I guess I hate moths, but it's more butterflies, really. What right do they have, flying all around us, up in our space!? And we can't swat at them because they're 'beautiful.' They're the worst. But yeah, moths are bad too.

Sarah then proceeded to tell me about how she'd recently visited some of the sites where the Mothman saga happened and was filmed. She's terrified of scary movies so she never actually saw the movie, so I told her a bit about it including some of my favorite parts.

Me: And you know that movie was based on real events?
Sarah: Yes. (Scared look on face.)
Me: And they never caught the Mothman.
Sarah: (Scared look on face.)
Me: He's still out there, eating giant holes in sweaters.
Sarah: (Laughing look on face.)

Side note: Sarah and I smuggled an entire meal into the theater from Jimmy Johns: subs, sandwiches, and fountain drinks. We covered the fountain drinks with our scarves and somehow got past the guys at the door. Meanwhile some other sucker coming in had to throw away his bottled Mountain Dew before entering. To say we were proud of ourselves would be an understatement.

What'd you do last night?


Katherine said...

"Giant holes in sweaters..." You slay me! Sounds like a fun night! I like what Sarah yelled back at the MC. Ha!

Sarah said...

The MC was bad...and E, how did you not mention the Cuties hats?? :)

Amy said...

Whenever my sister and I see a movie, we sneak dinner in our purses, and that's half the fun. Our specialty is Wendy's dollar menu items, including the frosties. Kelsey's husband came along when we went to see Harry Potter, and he was awfully dubious about the whole scheme. He tried to act like he was taking a moral stance, but really he was afraid we'd be stopped by the movie snack police or something :).

I'm way impressed that you managed to get fountain drinks in the theater - we haven't tried that yet.

Melissa C said...

Warren miller movies are so fun! We haven't been to one in FOREVER. Love the atmosphere. Nice work on getting the meals in. I once smuggled in 6 canned beverages into a stadium inside the sleeves of my puffy coat....The last game I went to I had to run back to the car b/c they wouldn't let me bring in my purse, so times have changed. Nice work on the fountain drink.

Limequat said...

I am suuuuper envious that you got to have Jimmy Johns! We only have a few out here, and they're waaaay outside of the District! I did a bunch of family stuff yesterday, which = ate too much = ate a ton of cookies

Liz said...

I can't stop laughing about the mothman.
I really hate when I'm at a concert and the singer says "Are you ready to rock?" And I'm like "no, I just came to a ROCK concert for kicks and giggles. "