Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Survival Kit

It's so cold outside now. The wind is shockingly cutting and though the temperatures claim to be in the 20's, they're lying. (Whoever "they" are.) It feels much colder.

I've been thinking about my winter survival kit lately, now that it's time to bust it out, and thought I'd share some of it with you. The ideas anyway, not the things themselves. Although I supposed I'd be willing to share with some of you if you insisted on coming over sometime. But I digress.

1. Warm slippers. 'Nuff said. (Yuck, I just wrote "nuff.")

2. Warm, soft blankets. Do you see how soft this blanket looks!? It's even softer than it looks. I'm not even kidding. I wish I were covered up with it right now, snuggled in for the afternoon.

3. Leg warmers. These are not my leg warmers pictured, or my leg for that matter. I'm white but not that white. My leg warmers are in the laundry today and I miss them dearly. Sadly I only have one pair so I can't wear them every day. My calves are freezing on the off days. For the record, I wear mine under my pants because I'm not into 80's revival unlike so many other people out there today, thank you very much.

4. Memories of summer. During the winter I often find myself daydreaming about summer: fireflies, the smell of sunscreen, swimming in Lake Michigan, ice cream, eating outside, kayaking, bbqs, drive-in movies, visits to Utah, bike riding, mosquitoes (only when I get really desperate do I think about mosquitoes).

So there you have it: some of the tools I have in my winter survival kit. What are some of yours? Together we can get through the next four months... right!?


Heather said...

Leg warmers are back in? I missed it. I am bummed.
I do like the idea of thinking about summer. Good one! I am going to now to look at cruise schedules.

Mark said...

Monday night I decided to put up my winter decorations: Plastic sheeting and duct tape on selected windows in my aging abode. It's no fun to lean back on the couch and feel a cold breeze down your neck. Kind of like having a ghost breathe on you, but not so scary.

My little project went well and I felt snug and warm all night. But Tuesday, I got home from work and all the plastic had started to fall down. Every time the furnace turned on and started drawing air, pressure from the outside pushed the plastic into a big bubble, and eventually the tape gave way. So Tuesday night I retaped everything with a double layer and left a little vent on each window.

And I switched to the winter quilt configuration for my bed: Quilt, Afghan, Quilt. The afghan makes lots of insulating air pockets, and isn't as itchy as a roll of insulation from the attic.

Sandy said...

i am so sorry. it's suddenly absurdly cold in chicago, also (high of 9 on monday?!) sadly, i've met no one out here who commiserates about the misery of winter as well as you do, so i'm left suffering in silence! maybe i should get some leg warmers to help?

lizzie mc.- said...

Mark, use tacks or double sided tape... if you don't mind leaving marks.

I have a 5 gal bucket 1/2 full of Hot cocoa. I live on toast. Polar fleece boot sock are far superior to the leg warmer, sadly I haven't been able to find any more that long:( And long HOT showers... so warm inside I carry it with me for a while.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Lizzie, I know what you mean about the showers. I took a shower last night (well, I mean, I shower every day, just for the record), and I don't think I used any cold water at all.

I also totally agree about toast! I was just talking about toast with my sister, actually. We've both been eating it more often lately. It's total comfort food!

Katherine said...

I rely a lot on leggings and tights under my pants to add an extra layer of warmth, and wear knee-high socks from December - February. I also have to re-tape the breezy parts of my windows and cry a lot. 'Cause of the cold. I'm not ready!!!! The picture-a-warm-and-sunny-place deal works pretty well for me, too. Sigh.

Sarah said...

I have on some old school long underwear under my dress pants today. It also helps me to have a plant indoors to tend to during the winter months. And big ol' socks. And my tiny heater that warms up my bathroom for me every morning! :)

Kathy said...

Hibernating through winter is my means of survival. And If I HAVE to be awake, I always love a nice hot cup of peppermint hot chocolate.

Anonymous said...

is really cold here too. 65 degrees...and sunny. I am even wearing a sweater.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

and I still don't have my postcard.

bethy said...

I love leg warmers. It is hard to get motivated to get out the door. I pride myself on being on time to most things, but in the winter I have to plan an extra 15-20 minutes to get the kids dressed and out. It is a lot better being in a house because the car is so much closer. I am going to text you right now to plan our girls night!
p.s. your profile pic is HOT!!! You are gorgeous!! p.s.s you are so witty and fun.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Admirer, you're killing me! 65 degrees!? Oh, and PS - I mailed your postcard earlier this week so it should be there any day now! :)

~ Malissa ~ said...

Hey, what's wrong with the 80's? Big jewelry, big hair, leggings on the OUTSIDE, lots of make-up...wait, that sounds a lot like Provo, bad! Well, minus the "lots of make-up" part...unless it's for a really hot date, or one you're trying to scare away!! ;-)

Liz said...

What happened to your snuggie? I thought that was a main component in your winter survival kit?