Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Gripe #1: New Year's Eve
I have almost never been a fan of New Year's Eve (there were a few years there where I sort of enjoyed it). There's so much anticipation for it - it's too much. One night can never live up to that kind of anticipation. And in my experience, no matter how fun the party, people start looking kinda bored around 11:00, and at 12:05 start grabbing their coats. Then you have to drive home with a bunch of drunk drivers on the road through a snow storm (if you live in Michigan).

Here's a nice story so this post doesn't make you all grouchy and punchy and stuff: a couple years ago, I had a great New Year's Eve. Why? Because I went out of town with my sister and we went to a town where we know almost no one and just watched a local band play at a fun restaurant till midnight. No expectations = best New Year's ever.

Gripe #2: New Year's Resolutions
This is the first time in my adult life that I've been pessimistic about making them. I've heard people complain about them and how they don't work for years and I've always thought it was worth it anyway. This year however... this year I have doubts. But I'm still not a total pessimist. I just need some of you to tell me that at least one New Year's Resolution has worked for you. If you have ANY success story in this department, inspire me! Please?

I will almost surely make at least one New Year's Resolution because part of me can't help but be a bit optimistic. Still. I could use some encouragement in this department.

On a positive note, 2011 is gonna be awesome, right!? And on another positive note: I promise my next post is going to be cheerful. Sorry for being all gripey lately. Vacation boredom has taken its toll on me. (What a ridiculous statement!)


Katherine said...

2011 will be the BEST YEAR EVER!!!! ;) That really was an awesome NYE we had up north. Good times!! :) Last year my NY resolution was to have adventures - that's all! And I succeeded! I've never traveled more than I did in 2009. It was awesome! And not just traveling, but other small things that were fun, too - small things became adventures that I might normally have considered too insignificant. Best NY resolution ever!!

Christi said...

I think the key is to make New Years Resolutions that will both enrich your life, be enjoyable, AND be realistic. Like Katherine goal above. Setting a goal to lose 20 pounds by the end of January is neither enjoyable or realistic. Setting a goal to read more enriching books is both.
That's my angle this year at least.

D said...

yup just keep it simple and your list short. I made a new year's goal to keep my house cleaner and while it isn't clean all the time I have improved and so I would say it was still worth it.

Sara said...

I'm thinking of them as suggestions rather than resolutions this year.And one little word to guide me through the year seems more useful and easier to remember.

sterlingandbrandi said...

I was a little too caught up in Christmas/birthday crafts this December and got a little behind on checking blogs. I just read 21 posts by you, straight through. And that says something about your blog that I kept going and going. I enjoyed every one. And I knew Nicole Kidman was a redhead.

Sui Sin Far said...

I wanted to learn how to swim and my goal was to swim at least once a month. I managed more like 1.1 times a month :) It's still hard for me but I'm doing it. That's positive enforcement in and of itself for me.

Sarah said...

I like that idea...having a resolution that doesn't have to happen daily, but maybe once or twice each month. Much more manageable!

lizzie mc.- said...

Goal was for my friend and I was to trade off so we could each have a date once a month. Though there were a couple we didn't have due to illnesses, we had far more and have something to look forward to. Hoping to have the same goal, but go to the temple once a month too.

Usually the problem is I have too specific and too many goals. Enjoy the adventure don't get discouraged by the challenges.

Liz said...

I used to love New Years when I was younger. My friends and I would get together and have so much fun no matter what we did. Then they all betrayed me by getting married and having kids so I was alone on New Years. I did have fun playing connect four with you this last New Years( at least I think that was you)