Friday, December 3, 2010

Would You Rather

I know you're all busy elfing yourselves (a.k.a. making elf videos), but it's time to take a short break and answer this:

Would you rather:

 Be part of a flash mob (dancing or singing),

Things to consider:

No one ever saw it coming.
  • It could be really embarrassing
  • You might have to do the robot dance
  • You could have to sing a solo
  • You'd for sure be on youtube
  • People would be taking videos of you with their phones
  • It could be awesome (check out this link if you want to see a funny flash mob scene from Modern Family)

Be a street performer for an afternoon? You could choose from: singing, playing guitar, spray painting yourself and standing like a statue, or being a mime.

Things to consider:

No way is this good for the pores.
  • It could get cold. Or hot, depending on the season.
  • You might see someone you know. (Oh yeah, did I mention you'd have to do it in the town where you live?)
  • If you choose to be a statue, kids or crazies might poke you to prove you're not really a statue
  • You might make a little extra money if you put out a tip jar
  • Your tip jar might get stolen
  • You could be on youtube depending on how good or bad you are.

 Which do you choose, and why?


Katherine said...

I think I'd have to go with the flash mob. At least then it'd be over quickly! Well, unless someone DOES put a video of it on YouTube... My skin's too sensitive to be a mime or a statue!!!

Claire said...

FLASH MOB! It would be so cool... I don't understand why this even needs debating!

Heather said...

Flash long as there is no actual flashing.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, I like that, Heather. For me it depends on what the flash mob is. If I have to sing a solo, I'm out. Street performer it is. But if it's a quick dance with a flash mob, I'd choose that over street performing.

Heather said...

flash mob for sure! I have always wanted to be in one. Maybe we could do one as a family? I'm on it!

Heather said...

p.s I think we should do safety dance: http:

lizzie mc.- said...

Street performer. Caroling at Christmas may not get me any praise but it wouldn't get too much negative attention. Big Apple here I come!

elliespen said...

Oh, flash mob all the way. It's about as close as I could get to my dream of my life being a musical where everyone around me all of a sudden bursts into song and dances about in unison. (The solo singing wouldn't really bug me because I'm obviously the star of my own life musical, and in that universe I have freakin' awesome pipes.)

And really, isn't street performer just a solo flash mob?

Drake said...

Flash mob, 100%. That's the sort of thing I would organize anyway...I love seeing people react to the unexpected.

Linda said...

I like the idea of a street performer just being a solo flash mob. But I think it would be fun to be part of a flash mob.

Aaron said...

I think I have Diamond Dust in my lungs...