Monday, December 6, 2010

Flight of the Navigator II

Not Fred Savage.
One time years ago, I got into a debate with a friend over who the kid was in Flight of the Navigator. I was sure I was right, he was sure he was right. We went so far as to bet an ice cream cake on it. Needless to say, I ended up in Baskin Robins buying the cake of my friend's choice when it turned out it wasn't Fred Savage in Flight of the Navigator after all, but some impostor Fred Savage-look-alike-wannabe-phony.

Picture hair here and vote in the poll
This time though, I'm sure I'm right.

On Friday night I got into a debate with a different friend over what Nicole Kidman's natural hair color is. I said it was (insert correct color here) and he said it was (insert incorrect color here). We went back and forth on this the whole evening citing various movies to prove our points while simultaneously proving that we know very few Nicole Kidman movies.

I'm not going to try to sway you by telling you what I think. In fact, I will use this picture so there can be no claims of cheating. Anyway, our debate got so heated, I remember little else of The Interpreter (which, by the way, was an incredibly confusing movie).

We don't have any wager on this yet, but once I'm sure you guys are securely on my side, I might suggest one.  So how about you help me out here? Vote in the poll on the side or let me know in the comments what you think!

And while I have you here, I mailed a bunch of postcards off tonight but still have many more! If you want one, let me know.


Linda said...

I could have told you that it wasn't Fred Savage. I can think of 6 Nicole Kidman movies, four of which I have seen and liked. I know what her real hair color is but I won't say it here so as not to sway your loyal readers.

Katherine said...

Ha! I remember that Flight of the Navigator debacle! Oh, Fred Savage. Such a deceiver. By the way, where in the WORLD did you get a picture of Nicole Kidman with no hair??

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, I googled "nicole kidman bald" and surprisingly there was an array of pictures to choose from.

Christi said...

I used to love Flight of the Navigator! I think her natural hair color is kind of a strawberry blonde. But I wouldn't be willing to bet on it.
I was really hoping you would be on Facebook tonight. I'll keep checking!

Limequat said...

I want to say she's a ginger? I will feel only mild embarrassment if I'm wrong though.

lizzie mc.- said...

Um, I vote strawberry blonde. A type of red.

Aaron said...

If it's not red, I want video proof of her saying it's not red.

Ashley said...

I'm with Aaron. I need proof. It's gotta be red. I would be outraged if it wasn't.
Can I have a postcard? It would cost you a couple stamps probably, but I have an art and postcard collage on my wall I haven't added to in awhile.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Of course you can have a postcard, Ashley! Email me your address and I'll mail one off. I don't mind spending a few extra cents on postage for you. :)

D said...

I saw Nicole Kidman in London once. I doubt her hair is her natural I'm not sure what to go with on this one.

I love flight of the Navigator and made my family watch it with me recently. :)

Melissa C said...

I am guessing strawberry blonde/red. Maybe you can find a childhood picture of her or something to help.

Liz said...

I'm pretty sure Nicole Kidman is naturally a red head.
Now I'm dying to know what her natural color is.