Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wish You Were Here

This post has two parts. Both are related to post cards in a general way, but that's the only thing they have in common. If the first part bores you, go ahead and skip to the second part. Okie dokie?

Part I
As a single person, there are some things you get used to doing by yourself. Luckily I've tricked a few unsuspecting people into being my friends so I don't really have to do too many things alone. Here's a list of things single people occasionally have to do alone, followed by either a yes or no, depending on if I'm willing to do them alone or not:

go out to eat - yes
go to the movies - no
go to parties - yes
go to weddings - yes
go on vacation - I'm not sure. And that's what brings me to my point...

I've never gone on a vacation by myself. Last year, my sister and her kids were over when I was getting ready to go to the airport to fly to Utah for vacation. My then five year old niece asked, "who are you going with?" when I said "no one," she said, "that's sad." I told her not to worry, that I was visiting friends in Utah and wouldn't be alone when I got there.

But what I'm talking about here is going on vacation to a place where you don't know anyone, and going by yourself. Have you done it? Could you do it? How was it?

There's a place I'd really like to visit, but I don't know anyone there and I don't think any of my friends want to go to this destination. I'm almost positive I couldn't go there by myself though because it's more fun to share the experiences with someone, isn't it? So I thought I'd throw that question out there for you all! What do you think?

Part II
This past week I've been doing some deep cleaning of my desk and bookshelves. This has included emptying drawers and bins and throwing some stuff away, shredding other stuff, and reorganizing the rest. Oddly enough, I've found a lot of unsent postcards. Some are from various vacation destinations, and some are Jack Handy "Deep Thoughts" cards.

As I was flipping through them, trying to decide what to do with them, I wondered if any of you would like to get one of them in the mail? I think you'll probably agree with me that non-bill mail is the best. I'm picking up a pack of postcard stamps on Monday. If you want a postcard, either tell me in the comments, or email me at misselizabethsblog (at), and include your address.

I'll send you a postcard of my choosing and I'll write you a little message. It's gonna be fun, trust me. (I'm pretty sure, anyway.)


Pollz said...

I'd love a post card!

Heidi said...

I want a post card!! On another note I think Jack Handy is hilarious. He's so funny.

Brian said...

I have gone on many vacations by myself and there are pros and cons - here are the two biggies for me:

You get to do whatever you want all the time, at the pace you want. I love that because I'm impulsive and spontaneous when I travel and when alone I encounter many more unplanned highlights along the way.

No one to talk to all day. I went to Puebla, Mexico for four days by myself. I had a great trip but, though it sounds a little weird, by the last day I was so tired of just listening to my own thoughts that I was totally sick of myself. I needed someone else's point of view and input for a change.

Claire said...

Where do you want to go? I'll come!!

Amy said...

I have never taken a vacation vacation by myself, but I have taken solo trips for other reasons - Austin, Texas to collect data for my dissertation, Seattle and Portland for job interviews, London for a day when my travel partner got delayed. For short periods of time (one or two days) I actually really like being by myself. I can just take my time and explore and I don't feel the pressure of having to have a planned itinerary.

But in the end I like to share my memories with another person. My favorite part of the week in Austin was meeting up with Jonathan for a day. Visiting Seattle was better because I had my dad and a couple friends telling me places I should go and showing personal interest in my trip. And even in London I managed to run into someone I knew from Michigan (so random!).

[Oh, and I'd love to get a postcard - I get lots of mail at my new place, but about 3/4 of it is junk mail for previous tenants :)]

brenda hatch said...

You want to go to the Grand Canyon?! I bet Larry would meet you there :)

The Boob Nazi said...

I went to Scotland by myself for two weeks. I traveled around Ukraine for three weeks during the day by myself. I walked around Stockholm and Oslo by myself for a weekish. So I think I'm qualified to answer!

Verdict: GO if you have no one else to go with. Don't let the fear of not having someone with you stop you from traveling. However, if you do have someone to travel with, do it. It does get a little lonely. You have to do all of those things you mentioned (except for the wedding) by yourself on your trip. (I'm the kind of person who sees movies on vacations because there is NOTHING else to do at night for someone who doesn't like to go out to bars and whatnot.)

I will say, going on vacation by myself is still one of the coolest thing I've ever done. It really helps you with self confidence and getting to know yourself better. You have no one else to talk to (other than random strangers), so you really have to like yourself during that trip.

Then again, I live alone, so yeah. I like doing things my way.

So again, do NOT let the lack of someone to go with you stop you from traveling!

The Boob Nazi said...

Sorry for the two "again"s in my comment.

Katherine said...

I'll take a postcard! ;)

I'm not sure about the vacay by yourself deal. I agree that it could be nice to do whatever you want, but as a person who does a lot of stuff alone now, I'd say go with someone else if you can! Plus half the fun is talking about the trip after it's over. (And annoying everyone who didn't go with you... "OH, my GOSH, do you remember that one thing that happened at that one place where that guy said that hilarious thing??!! Oh, that was the BEST!")

On a different, random note, here's a quote from the
movie I'm watching as I write this:

"Clark, Audrey's frozen from the waist down!"
"Ah, that's all part of the experience, honey."

Today's Gift said...

I've never been on a vacation by myself before either. But I have been to the movies by's not as bad as I first thought.

I emailed you my address for a postcard (if you have enough!)

Elizabeth Downie said...

There's more than enough to go around! To those of you who already requested one, they're written and ready to go in the mail. Anyone else who wants one, let me know! I have plenty left.

Oh and Claire, I want to go to the Grand Canyon. :) Ever been? And Brenda, does Larry even know about me? haha

alecia said...

I'd love one!!

I've taken a vacation by myself which was probably my best vacation ever because no one was annoyed when I wanted to go home early. Took the amtrak from utah to san francisco and then to oregon and washington.

Sui Sin Far said...

go out to eat - fine dining? haven't yet

go to the movies - yes, it's not really a social activity anyway

go to parties - yes

go to weddings - if i have to go, i'll go

go on vacation - yes but i make friends with strangers. stay in a hostel, go on one of the (cheaper) tours, go to church. it'll help you make friends and curb the loneliness.

postcard- POB 81 c/o Majuro Cooperative School Majuro, MH 96960 Marshall Islands (it's still domestic postage)

Sandy said...

you've lured me away from the safety of google reader to your actual blog where i can comment to say that i'd love a postcard! i'll email you my address.

also, i think vacation alone has the potential to be amazing. i say do it.

Sui Sin Far said...

If you need a reason to come to the Pacific, you can visit me :) Or if you want to meet up in Hawaii we could do that too.

lizzie mc.- said...

Lived in the DC area and couldn't go by myself let alone out of the area. Here's wising I was less afraid. Now I'd be thrilled to do so, I could use going out with a friend to the beach... remember beach dreaming in Houston?

Melanie said...

I've gone on a few vacations alone, but I decided that going to Morocco alone probably wasn't a good idea. (I was living in Madrid at the time). I went to New York City this summer for a few days and toured a few things with a 50 year old Vietnamese man who I met on the bus. It was fun. The biggest downside to vacationing alone is all the pictures I have of myself with the one handed self-portrait.

I think that when you travel alone it is really interesting to meet new people or find people that know the day-to-day stuff rather than the typical tour.

Anonymous said...

Part I

I am yes to all.

I am with vacationing by myself but I do think you might need company for the Grand Canyon especially if you are planning on hiking. (just for safety purposes)plus that trip requires a lot of driving. I think if you are visiting a city, then its easier to fly solo.

and I want a postcard too

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Emily said...

I like post cards. Feel free to send one my way if you have an extra.

P.S. - In less than two weeks I will be experiencing Great Lakes and Great Times.

Liz said...

I want a postcard! Two years too late :(
I won't do vacations alone and because of that I have missed out on many trips I have wanted to take since I had no one to go with.