Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I accidentally hugged my supervisor yesterday.

It happened so fast I barely realized what was happening. This is not a person I normally hug, and that's an understatement. So, here's what happened.

It was the end of the work day. As I was walking out, I said something like, "see you all tomorrow" to the few people still at their desks. My supervisor, who had just walked back in the room said, "actually, today is my last day before my vacation, so I won't see you until January." When I looked up at her, she looked really sad about something. Surely it wasn't the fact that she wouldn't see me for two weeks, though I'd understand if it was. But anyway, seeing her so sad and saying goodbye, a couple options ran through my head:

a. Say, "have a good break!" and leave. But that seemed heartless since she was obviously upset about something.
b. Hug her and say the same thing.

Before I could actually think through what to do, I hugged her. She accepted my hug like it was the most normal thing, but as I walked out, my head was spinning.

Hugging your boss is like calling your teacher "mom." I'm just glad she has two weeks to forget about the incident.

Please tell me something more embarrassing you've done so I can stop reliving this in my head.

Happy Wednesday.


Heather said...

I can't believe no one has commented yet. I have done a ton of embaressing things.
Before I knew I was pregnant with paige I threw up in my bosses office, on the floor. I went in to tell her I needed to go home b\c I thought I was sick.

I walked in on one of my co-workers going to the bathroom. She didn't lock the door. Horrible.

Mark said...

I have a co-worker several years younger than me, with two teenaged kids. Whenever I do something that betrays my inner 13-year old child, I apologize by calling her "Mom".

Katherine said...

Yeah, I'm not so willing to share embarrassing moments... Though I will tell you others'!! (Oh, and will admit to calling a teacher "mom" at least once in elementary school. So embarrassing!)

So this girl I know was at school, and her phone got knocked out of her hands and slid across the hall right into the entrance to the boys bathroom!! She had to run over and grab it and there were lots of people around! Oy. Another girl was wearing sweats and got pantsed right in front of the football team (in high school)!! One more reason not to wear sweat pants...

If you need more, you should go buy an issue of Seventeen Magazine - I always hated their embarrassing moments section - awful!

lizzie mc.- said...

My bishop could stand at one foul-line facing the respective basket and then throw it over his head into the opposing basket. So I tried... in the 80's with an over-sized slouch shirt and Mary Jane's on. Slipped on account of the shoes and shirt flew over my head. So embarrassed she left crying... and by she I mean my best friend. What a sympathetic soul. (Needless to say, never wore that shirt again!)

BTW, I hug bosses all the time. May not be professional, but I always see them as peers rather than superiors. Besides, it's a nice gesture of humanity. Particularly in your situation. And that's one of the things that I the most about you.

Sarah said...

This story had me cracking up!! :)

Anonymous said...

i have told the wrong person (s) " I love you" when say'n good bye on the phone...VERY awkward! ~ Rachel Stabenow