Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Update

Some things I did this weekend:

I adjusted to the cold.

On Friday I was walking outside and I thought to myself, "It's not too cold today." I checked the temperature and it was 22 degrees. I didn't think it was that bad. I don't usually adjust till January. That is so sick and twisted.

the ice on my sunroof

I almost wore leopard print tights to church.

But then decided it might be too inappropriate. I did wear a leopard print scarf though, which is totally different, of course.

Scandalous? You decide.

I watched about 8 hours of karaoke.

The first four hours were at my work Christmas party, the rest were
with friends that night at a place that almost surely doubles as a Korean whorehouse.
(The evidence being the beds in the rented private rooms and the fact
that everything is in Korean.)

I felt guilty for thinking Julian Assange is kinda hot with his hair like this.

I know he's bad - so bad - but... he's kinda.... rebel hot.
Still, he shouldn't have done the things he did. Of course.

Bad boy.
Loved Bill Hader's portrayal of Julian Assange on SNL (links- check these out!)

He's my SNL crush.

Said goodbye to my good friend Jesse, who's selfishly living his

 life and moving back to Utah to finish school.

He looks mad in this picture, but I'm even
more mad at him for leaving.
(I act mad when I'm sad.)

And I baked lots of cookies for Christmas

don't you wish you were my friend or co-worker?

How was your weekend? What'd you do?


Katherine said...

I feel like there are so many things to comment on!! OK, here goes:
1 - I'm not adjusting to the cold AT ALL!!! My body's still on schedule for January.
2 - I love the tights and think you should wear them!
3 - That picture is awesome! You captured them dancing perfectly. And that place is DEFinitely a whorehouse. Sad.
4 - Still can't believe you-know-who entered a life of crime!
5 - Agreed! And also feel guilty about it. Yech.
6 - Bill Hader is the BEST! Wouldn't he be GREAT to have at a dinner party?!
7 - I'm sad Jesse's leaving, too! I didn't know him as well, but he was fun to hang out with when I was home! Good luck, Jesse!
8 - Did you save your sister some cookies??? They look DELISH!!!

My weekend was also full of baking and crafting. Amazing! I made Christmas presents (both by hand and on the computer) and watched The Grinch (Jim Carey version) twice. Yes, twice. It's so good!!!

Maxabillion J said...

OMG I'M FAMOUS!! YEAH! Being the attention seeker that I am, I'd move across the country any day for this kind of exposure!

Heather said...

What katherine ment was, did you save some for
your sister's. Plural. And did you?

I made some homemade goodies too. Chocolate covered pretzels and suckers. Cookies and brownies.

We also watched "the grinch" jim carrey's new "christmas story" and tonight is "the polar express" tomorrow night santa is santa clause 2...Thursday ...santa clause 3. I can't wait for christmas.

Liz said...

That place is "a house of ill repute" I applied there but didn't get hired cause I'm not Korean.