Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As a little girl growing up in Sydney, Kidman's fair skin and flaming red hair made her stand out in a land of tan and blonde beauties – but her unique look helped shape her. "It makes you develop your personality. Because you don't conform, you have to find different ways of expressing yourself," she says.

Here's one more link about her as an adult with red hair: (link) with the following quote:

We've been so used to seeing her with blonde and brown hair over the years that we'd almost forgotten just how beautiful her natural colour is.
But Nicole Kidman gave us a stunning reminder yesterday when she arrived at a Hollywood luncheon, her gorgeous red hair tumbling down her shoulders.

And now, I'm done talking about Nicole Kidman on this blog forever. Too bad I'm not getting an ice cream cake out of this wager... because I was so right! And so were the 19 of you who voted for "red." Way to be!
And thanks for humoring me.


Katherine said...

Hoo hooo, you showed him! I think he should buy you an ice cream cake anyway for schooling him. ;)

Linda said...

We were behind you from the very beginning! Way to hold the line!

Liz said...

You can't see it, but I'm doing my 'I was right' dance.