Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Update

I wish Seth Meyers was reading my weekend update, but then again, that would put a lot more pressure on this to be funny. So I guess it's better this way.

Since wearing a truly ugly sweater won hands down in the poll, I decided I'd trust you guys not to lead me astray and I got the ugliest sweater (cardigan) I could find at the Goodwill store. And guess what!? I won third place at the first party I went to Saturday night! So thanks guys. I knew I could count on you! I felt a tiny bit self conscious when I got to the cashier at Goodwill to pay for the sweater and almost muttered some explanation about how I was only buying such an ugly sweater for a party with that theme when the cashier said enthusiastically, "Oh! My mother-in-law donated this!" Close one.

Here's a story I think you guys will enjoy. Yesterday, I gave my grandma a ride home from a family function. I love my grandma so much - she's sweet and fun and feisty and she wants sooooo much for me to get married. So much in fact that it's not uncommon for her to cry when talking about it (no pressure, right?). Well, on the ride home, she was telling me that two of her sisters died around the age she is now (87), and how we can't live forever. I said, "Grandma, you can't die! You have to live at least long enough to see me get married and have my first baby!" To which she replied, "Well, I'm trying!" I'm not sure I like what she was implying. I laughed out loud when she said that. I spent the rest of the ride home convincing her that I'm doing the best I can. I still laugh when I think about it.

On a different (and less funny) note, we had our Christmas program at church today, and several of my blogging buddies participated in it. I just wanted to say thanks to them for their exceptional music and talks. It was a very moving and beautiful meeting. I love this time of year. It puts me in a mood of gratitude so in that spirit I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate you so much. I always consider one of my greatest blessings to be my friends. I have the best friends, and I love you all and hope that you know that!

Seth Meyers would have made that funny in some way but I'm not Seth Meyers and have to end on a cheeseball note. If you're uncomfortable (as I apparently am) with the sharing of feelings, here's a Seth Meyers clip. And we can pretend this never happened.


Sarah said...

Congrats on your sweater's 3rd place win! :)

And just so you know, you're not alone. My G-pa is always making digs at me about not starting a family yet. Mostly in the "you know, my friend/neighbor has x number of great-grandchildren, and I have to tell them that I have NONE." Very subtle. :)

Priscilla said...

I laugh at your Goodwill sweater story, very funny. I guess I'm old school, I still miss the days of Dennis Miller doing the Weekend Update. Maybe you could just end your post by saying: "I am outa here!" Just a thought. :)

Emily said...

Since it was an ugly sweater contest, isn't it better to get third? That means yours was the third worst ugly sweater, which I think actually makes it more of a winner. You may have won more than you thought.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Emily, I like that thought! Great point.

Christopher Matteson said...
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Christopher Matteson said...

Were you there at the Ann Arbor ward in 97 for the Christmas program? I am sure that the one you had recently was amazing, but I just remember we had such an amazing performance that year. I remember a nonmember guy...some random single guy in his late 20's came in and said he'd talked to a Mormon friend and decided to check out our church. So I sat down next to him and explained a little about sacrament meeting.
The program featured some amazing talks, I believe silent night was sung by two sisters in the ward and they did it in German. And then Hugo sang O Holy Night with his opera voice...and I remember that by the end of the sacrament meeting, nobody got up. It was dead silent and we all just sat there for about 30 seconds to a minute without moving when Bishop Brockbank finally got up and said we should just end it right there and go home. I remember turning to the first time visitor next to me...and I think we all were kinda just shocked...and I was like, "'s not always this good."
Do you remember that? Does anyone remember that meeting? It still sticks in my mind to this day as one of the most moving sacrament meetings I've ever been in.

Elizabeth Downie said...

I don't think I was there for that. Or, if I was, I have no memory of it. It sounds awesome though!