Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Thoughts

How much of a social faux pas is it to admit that I'm terrified of the Tran-Siberian Orchestra? I keep seeing commercials for them and their show looks pretty out of control. Colored lights, explosions, smoke machines, electric quitars...but with Christmas music. I'm sure they're quite talented but I don't get it. About 50 seconds into the youtube video I got scared out of my mind and had to stop watching.

What's with all these new websites that let you upload your picture into the scenario of your dreams? And where have they been all my life?

On the radio yesterday they were talking about both the Snuggie and the Shamwow! Small world! They said that the Snuggie is on back order for six weeks. I'm pretty bummed about that. Which one of you bought the last one? I hope there are still some Slankets available.

I was at the dentist the other day getting my teeth cleaned and when it was over and I was complimenting the hygienist on a job well done, she told me that a patient recently told her she'd rather have a baby then get her teeth cleaned. Which would you prefer? I've never had a baby, but I'm pretty sure it's a lot more work, and a lot more painful than getting your teeth cleaned.

I won a radio contest this morning! And in other good news, when I signed in on Facebook this morning, I saw that a couple I hardly know got back together! I've followed their saga (against my will) through constant updates in my Facebook newsfeed and have determined that they are meant to be together. It was like seeing Ross and Rachel get back together. Today is shaping up to be a good day.


Katherine said...

I'm SO excited about your radio win!! AND the reunification of "the couple"! Man, Wednesdays just don't get much better than this. Oh, and I was the one who bought the last Snuggie. I like to call it a Slanket, though, because I like the sound of that word better. ;)
P.S. That picture of you and the Jonas Brothers never fails to cheer me up. I love it!!!!

Emily said...

You are looking hot with the Jonas Brothers. Those are some lucky guys.

The Trans Siberian Orchestra is a bit intimidating, but also - awesome!

I'm glad for the reunited couple. The Holidays are a tough time for break-ups. Maybe facebook status updates proved to be a sort-of therapy for their relationship. Thus, bringing them back together.

It sounds like you're having an awesome week!

Sarah said...

Ok, "Wizards of Winter" by the Trans-Siberian Orch. is one of my fave holiday songs! Maybe watch this and it will change your mind:

Also, I love the website full of empty faces...can't wait to play with that! :)

Oh, and you should do a poll about dental cleaning - vs - child birth. Put me down for about twenty votes under dental cleaning. I have no experience in the latter, but HELLO!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great day...except for that Youtube video. I had to turn it off before having a seizure.

I enjoy getting my teeth cleaned, I love the first moment the baby is handed to me to not come off as a jerk I won't answer. I just did though.

Congrats on the Radio Contest!
Did you know we've had snow all day today! It's still going and we made a snow man in the front lawn. If you want more pictures then the ones on my blog let me know and I'll email the rest!