Friday, December 12, 2008

A Festivus for the Rest of Us

It seems this is the weekend of the Christmas party! It should be a fun and festive weekend. The first party I have this weekend is my work luau, which last year was a Christmas luau, but this year is more of a going away luau for our boss who is retiring. Either way is fine by me. Since this is the second year we've had a luau themed party, the luau decorations have doubled and the transformation of our building is pretty impressive.

Walking through the hallway, you hear the soundtrack of the rain forest playing as you walk past a lagoon fully equipped with a waterfall (as pictured below). Our lunchroom has a volcano, a tiki bar, and a monkey hanging from a palm tree. I really can't do the transformation justice by trying to describe it. Let's just say that if we have a luau themed party again next year, you will not be able to tell the difference between my office building and the set of Gilligan's Island.

Then tomorrow I'm going to two ugly Christmas sweater parties. These parties seem to be pretty popular this year. Have you gone to one? After work today I'm going to go to the Salvation Army to find that perfect Christmas sweater but my question is this: should I cheat and try to find one that is actually kind of cute, or should I truly go for an ugly sweater?

Any thoughts? Maybe I'll post another poll on the side. Speaking of polls, I can't believe Magnum got five "ew"'s in the hairiness poll! But at least he got six "just right"'s so that's good. I found out who it was who chose "not hairy enough" in the poll, but I won't call him out in this post. Maybe in the next.


sterlingandbrandi said...

I personally endorse the ugliest sweater possible, because that is just the funniest. Just don't go the full shebang with pleated high waisted "slacks" and christmas socks and make-up like I did one year. Everything else can be cute, but the sweater: ugly!

Emily said...

Is that a baby pool?

Definitely make sure to post a picture of the sweater you end up wearing. I'm excited.

Kristin said...

How can you even consider not going all out with the ugly sweater? I'm shocked.

BTW, Brandi didn't mention that her outfit was for her CHRISTMAS CARD. Best card I've ever gotten. Ever.

AMy said...

truly it gurl, work it!

Anonymous said...

umm...I've usually gone totally ugly and gorey for Halloween parties and they haven't scored me any dates (when I was single) and no one wanted to really talk to me for too long. I think the same will apply to the ugliest sweater ever. That's my opinion!

Christi said...

Your Christmas party looks like it was awesome, but I was really hoping this post was about the airing of grievances.

Katherine said...

I agree with Christi - I think we should air our grievances anyway. Wait, I lost my train of thought. Let's move on to the feats of strength!