Friday, December 5, 2008


Aren't tags the best? They give me a chance to focus on my favorite person: moi. Please know that was a joke. (...or was it?) Thanks for the tag, Angie!

3 Joys

Good relationships
Good books
Feeling hopeful and happy

3 Fears

Being captured by a giant bug, as evidenced in this picture (that's my face on the doll's body, thank you Justin.)
Being lonely
The economy and job loss

3 Obsessions or Collections
Hmmm....I don't really have any. Well, I do have a ton of books. I guess that could be a collection. Oh, and I check the news and my e-mail way too often. I guess that's an obsession. And Emily reminded me of some more in the comments and I can't deny that I am also obsessed with Lost! I love that show!

Surprising Facts
I keep getting e-mails from the AARP and it's scaring me.

I tag: Katherine, Emily (yes, you Emily! Time to update your blog!), Alecia, Priscilla, and Christi!


Emily said...

So I guess I won't be getting you Honey I Shrunk the Kids for Christmas.

I know you have more obsessions than that: Lost, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy, Saved By the Bell, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Troll dolls, Curling, Halloween, Spandex, boyz...I could go on and on. Ok, maybe some of these are actually my obsessions, but I won't reveal which ones.

I'll see what I can do about updating my blog, but I can't make any promises.

Katherine said...

Fine, I'll do the tag, but with a twist...

Angie Cheney said...

You don't think blogging is one of your obsessions? I think so...

Elizabeth Downie said...

Busted. ;)