Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow day!

Bright and early this morning, I got this e-mail from my friend Sarah (Sarah is a math teacher in Ann Arbor):

Congratulations! :) You've been initiated into the wonderful world of adult snow days!!! :)

My day has so far followed some of my plans I laid out yesterday, but with some variation, which I will show below:

7:00 Wake up, check the news, see that it's a snow day, cheer, dance - Yes, I did this.
7:05 Back in bed, asleep - Totally; it was awesome.
11:00 Wake up, watch The Price is Right, eat a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup - Check.
12:00 Go sledding - Skipped this, instead I watched an episode of Buffy with Katherine, then took my Nintendo over to my friend Kristin's house and we played Dr. Mario. Her brother Shawn was over and commented on how it felt like we were ten years old again. A snow day and video games! (What could be better?) Kristin did her best to get the kids to distract me while playing Dr. Mario, but it was to no avail. Better luck next time Kristin.
1:30 Come in, freezing and wet, change to warm clothes - Not necessary.
1:35 Make hot chocolate - Why haven't I done this yet? I think this is next on my agenda.
1:40 Get under a blanket on couch and watch either Christmas Vacation or The Grinch - Didn't get to this, but I downloaded some Christmas music earlier today, which is in the same spirit.
3:30 Nap - I've gotta get on this one still.

My day hasn't been without adventure though. The roads, especially in my town, are still pretty messy and it was almost impossible to get my car out. Here are a couple pictures of the process. Luckily Katherine is a wiz with the snow blower and got me free! Did any of you have any snow day adventures?


Katherine said...

I tell you, who needs an aerobic work out when you can snow blow? As Bartok would say, "I tell you what, wow!" I think staying indoors playing video games is a deliciously cozy alternative to jumping around in the snow. Sledding is for chumps! JK! It's fun sometimes, too! And please don't nap while you're driving us to the Pistons game...but you CAN drink hot cocoa on the way.

Emily said...

I am so jealous!!! I can't believe I missed it. It looks so fun. Have a safe drive to the Palace tonight.

Make sure the snow stays at least until next week. I can't wait to play.

Sarah said...

Glad you loved my morning message. :) I, too, enjoyed some variation of your snow day plan, but then had to fly out here to Denver where it is COLD. Frostbite was a very real possibility on the slopes today. But, the snow out here is it snowing there again?

Mike said...

Nope, no snow adventures here, I left for Texas before it came. The weather was rough here though, I'll tell you what. Not only was it only 70 degrees, but there was a little bit of wind on top of that to bring it down even further!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Mike, that is so cruel!

Not only is it continuing to snow here, but with the windchill, it's -17 degrees. It's painful to be outside!