Sunday, April 1, 2012

Arizona Adventures

I've been home from my vacation for over two weeks now but I still have some Arizona adventures to tell you about! One of the nice things about my vacation was the new things I experienced.

"Oh, what new things did you experience?" you ask? Where do I even begin?

* For one, I ate an ostrich burger at an Ostrich Festival with a blogging friend (who's identity is top secret). It felt slightly strange eating the thing I was supposed to be celebrating. I'm just glad it's a tradition that doesn't carry into other celebrations (birthday parties come to mind). The ostrich burger was really good by the way, though it tasted like buffalo. Who would've thought?

* I met two blogging friends. And they were both awesome - it felt totally natural to hang out with them! Have you ever made friends through blogging?

* I saw my dear old friend Vaughn who happened to be in Phoenix the same weekend as me. Some of you might remember Vaughn from this post. It was the first time we've seen each other in four years! Vaughn pinched me to see if I was dreaming. Pretty sure that's not how it works. Then when saying goodbye, he said we should wait eight years this time. I know he didn't mean it though. He misses me terribly.

* I held a gun for the first time in my life! This was Vaughn's doing. He was outraged that I've never held a gun and wanted to remedy it as soon as possible. Don't mind my face in this picture. I had just woken up.

* I went to a site where a meteor hit the earth 50,000 years ago! Yes, this is one of the nerdiest things I've ever done on vacation. And yes, I loved it. Me and all the retired couples there that day had a blast.

* I saw the desert and cacti... I felt weird calling it "cacti" so pretty much every time I was talking about more than one cactus, I'd just say, "cactuses....cacti." I don't know why I couldn't just say "cacti" the first time. Probably because we don't have cactuses....cacti in Michigan so I didn't want to act overly familiar.

* Speaking of not understanding lingo, I had the same experience with "froyo" or as I call it "frozen yogurt." I'm sorry, I'm just not ready to call it froyo yet. It's too soon in our relationship. Though I haven't hesitated to express my love to it. You guys, it was so good. It wasn't my first time eating frozen yogurt,  but in Arizona they're more into it than we are in Michigan, ie more toppings, more flavors, more hype. And that's not a bad thing. It was divine.

Mochi, fruit, etc.... My mouth is watering.

Those are just a few of the new (or new-ish) things I experienced on my Arizona adventure. Is it any wonder I already want to go back?


Katherine said...

It sounds like it was a really great trip! And I really want some froyo now... (Froyo and I go way back, so I'm pretty comfy calling it that.) Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

Heather said...

a. that meteor spot looks wicked awesome.
b. what is mochi?
c. "froyo" sounds like a bad hair day. Get it.....fro,yo...
d. Ethan just said "Let's throw that mean-ness into the trash can." That has nothing to do with anything, but I think it's hilarious.
e. I can't figure out who Vaughn looks like.......i've never met him, so it's can't be himself...who is it. It's going to drive me crazy. If i text you at 3 am when i've figured it out don't get mad.:)

april millar said...

I find it interesting that you compared ostrich to buffalo like that was mainstream.
When ready it I thought: "oh buffalo, not bad but kind of chewy."
Then immediately I thought: "hold up, I have never had buffalo."
Elizabeth, you must have great writing skills because now I feel like I don't need to eat ostrich or buffalo because I already have.

Liz said...

Arizona is one of my favorite places. We used to vacation there when I was young because my mom is from there and her family still lives there.
Did you really eat an ostrich? It was actually ostrich meat? That just seems so wrong, and not because I don't eat meat.
If I recall correctly you don't like yogurt. Or you only eat it sporadically.