Monday, April 9, 2012


Thanks for your help in choosing which dessert to make for Easter! In case you were wondering which one I ended up making, wait no further:

The strawberry cake! And it was so good - especially the frosting. The dessert table at my family's Easter dinner was overflowing: flour-less chocolate torte with strawberries, Oreo delight (a family favorite), and pineapple upside down cake with whipped cream. Needless to say, we're all wearing our fat pants today.

After dinner we held our annual Peep diorama competition! This was the year my 13 year old nephew realized that "diorama" sounds a lot like "diarrhea." So needless to say, he had some fun with that. We all worked hard on our dioramas and they came out great, if I do say so myself! Spoiler alert: I did not win. Yet again. Even though my talented  7 year old niece assisted me in making my diorama! So as you can see, the system is flawed.

I decided to go with a timely theme: the 2012 presidential election. I downloaded "Hail to the Chief" and had it playing during the judging. (And yet I still didn't win! What the!?) Here are a couple pictures:

Bipartisan Peep Show
Close up on the candidates!
Here are some of the other dioramas for your viewing pleasure:

What About Bob Peep! (clip from movie)
There is a Peep inside holding up a sign that says, "Why?"
My nephew's diorama (first place winner).
Other nephew with his "proud face" on. His first diorama!
The Hunger Games!
Sumo wrestling.... I'm pretty sure.

As you can see, we had a lot of awesome entries this year! Sadly, not all are pictured in this post but that doesn't mean they weren't amazing. It was a somewhat chaotic time and the photographer just missed a few. Here are a few more pictures of the happy day:

My immediate family. Good looking group, huh?
My nephew, holding up his entry number. He was so proud!
Some of us non-winners holding up our participant awards (Peep erasers)
All in all, it was a wonderful Easter. And I didn't even get to mention how wonderful the church program was! But I will say the day was a perfect combination of holy, fun, and delicious. But not all at once. I hope you had a great Easter too!


Bingyu said...

How cute~~!! such a cute family! your strawberry cake looks so yummy, i want to try!~~~ we had a good Easter too but no family time for me :(

april millar said...

I love this tradition! that is so fun and a great way to use peeps. And I can't believe how unbelievably delicious that cake looks!!!!!!

Katherine said...

I agree - it really was a great day! Uplifting messages and music at church, fun family times, AMAZING food and desserts - so good! I love Easter!

Priscilla said...

I love your family, you guys are awesome!

P.S. I want a slice of that strawberry cake so much, you have no idea. :)

lizzie mc.- said...

Yippee! Big fan of the Sumo peeps. And you look AWESOME! My Easter wasn't complete until I got to see yours. And I'm intrigued by Oreo Delight... I'll have to see if I can find that recipe or perhaps if you would be kind enough to share!

HaPEEP Easter!