Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Night Funnies

I have that Sunday night feeling. That, "here we go - another week.... I can do this..." feeling. Not to be too negative - I mean, I'm sure this will be a great week. Nevertheless, that Sunday night feeling is one of the more unpleasant parts of the weekend.

Some symptoms of the Sunday night blahs are:

  • slumped shoulders
  • alarm clock dread
  • resolutions to eat better that we did over the weekend
  • plans to work out every day
  • resolution exhaustion

So to get the week started out right, I thought I'd share with you some Tweets that have made me laugh recently. Laughing is usually the best cure for the blahs. If you enjoy these, there's more where they came from. Twitter is a constant source of amusement for me!

Have a wonderful week! I hope these helped with some of your Sunday night feelings and that you are mostly symptom free now.


Bingyu said...

hahaha!! im the first one!! :D

i like the banner on top!! very creative! haha!

yeah...i don't want to start another week of work... :( plans to work out every day? i did that last sunday, but turned out i only went to the gym once the past week..shame..

Liz said...

I hate the Sunday Night slums, but those tweets sure did help. Have a great week and remember to dream big.

Katherine said...

YOU ALL, EVERYBODY!!!! I love that song. That Charlie was so talented! Those twitters (JK!) are SO good! Definitely perked me up whilst facing the week ahead. Thanks! (I keep trying to pick a favorite, but it's impossible. They're all so good!)