Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

It's Wednesday! Woo-hoo, almost to Friday (ish). Right? Kinda? Today my heart is in all kinds of disrepair, ranging from broken to melted. 

What's breaking my heart:

Tomorrow is Opening Day for the Tigers and I won't be there. (On the plus side: baseball season is starting again!)

What's melting my heart:

Here are a few of my favorites:

A baby eating a puppy!
A monkey carrying a puppy!
A puppy in a baby swing!
A puppy in a cookie jar!
Two puppies stuck in gates!

One thing's for sure: I need more puppies and babies in my life.

In other thoughts today: 
*I'm plotting away to win this year's Easter Peep Diorama Family Competition! I'm trying to come up with something better than last year's. I have something up my sleeve but I can't reveal it yet. 
*I started playing Draw Something which is kinda like Pictionary but with smart phones. I stink at it. My drawing skills are sub par at best. Here's proof:


But if you want to play with me, my user name is elizabethdownie. I bet YOU would've been able to guess my drawing of Snookie, unlike the person I was playing against. Hello! Bump-its! So obvious.


Happy Wednesday!


Katherine said...

Oh my goodness, those puppies!!! Why is that little girl eating the one?!? Yikes. They are all so cute, though!!! I'm also very excited about baseball season starting up again - it's going to be awesome!!! As for Draw Something, I don't think even great artists could be good at drawing tiny things on a phone using only their finger. It's crazy.

Kristin McElderry said...

I love your tradition of doing a peep show. i think that is so much fun. I may try to convince John to do it with me this year. Also, I am AWFUL at draw something. At first I tried to rationalize it saying it was the game for people who sucked at words with friends or scramble with friends... but I realize that is not true (artistic talent is a different kind of smart... one I don't possess). Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Peep Show!

lizzie mc.- said...

We didn't have any snow days this year, so we have an extra day this Holiday weekend! Peep show in the planning. Thank you for the inspiration. I may not come up with anything original, but I'm not afraid to try my hand at something completely zany and life-changing! Happy Easter!... and btw, I LOVE the superman!