Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

1. Monday was Kareem Abdul Jabbar's birthday. Guess how old he is?


He's 65. Yeah, my jaw dropped too. Seems like just yesterday he was playing basketball with Jesse Katsopolis! Which, of course, is my favorite Kareem Abdul Jabbar moment:

Guest star!

It's also Miguel Cabrera's birthday today. Happy birthday, Miggy!

2. In other thoughts, a close guy friend of mine recently told me a story that seriously blew my mind. It was about a girl who he's known for awhile from school. They're friendly with each other and run into each other after classes but they don't hang out at all, or spend much time together. Recently when they were talking, she said, "I have a question for you." When he said ok, she said, "Why don't you take a chance on me?"

{Insert mind being blown sound effects here.}

When he told me this story, all I could think was: "that girl is my hero."

Have any of you ever done anything like that? How did it work out?

3. It's spring and it's getting so pretty here in Michigan. The tulips, daffodils, and blossoms are all blooming now and the air smells so pretty. Like cut grass and flowers. Here are a few instagrams from this week (I had to include one of my cousin's adorable puppy):

4. I keep hearing about this new boy band, One Direction. I just heard one of their songs yesterday, and yeah, it was ok. But come on. NO boy bands can beat OUR boy bands - you know the ones I'm talking about - N'SYNC, BSB, NKOTB. Yesterday I saw a great list of 63 ways boy bands were better in the 90's. If you want to be highly amused (and embarrassed), check it out here (link). Here's a sneak preview of what you're in for:

Happy Wednesday.


april millar said...

So did he take a chance on her? I feel like this chick flick just ended right when meg ryan saw tom hanks across the street and all she could say was "hello."

Taylor said...

What did he answer? "You're not my type"?

Elizabeth Downie said...

He gave her a chance :)

Katherine said...

I LOVE all four of those photos!! So beautiful/adorable!!! :) Puppy!!!!!! Also, that website about the 90s boy bands is SO awesome. I can't believe those guys actually put up with having all of those photos taken... The silver LIPS!!!?? Do they cry every time they see those?

Mark said...

Davy, Micky, Michael, and Peter.

Savd said...

Every time I try to put myself in that girl's position, I freak out just sitting here imagining it!! Wonder if she had been planning to say that or it just flew out of her mouth in the moment...she should teach a class on being bold and taking chances!! :)

Taylor said...

So it's still ongoing? or he gave her a chance, but it confirmed his prior belief that it's not meant to be?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Well, they just went out, so I guess that remains to be seen. :)

It seems you are skeptical!

elliespen said...

I did something a lot like what that girl did one time. It didn't end well.

Claire said...

Yeah, uh...this girl is my hero too!!! That is awesome.

I've never been brave enough to actually do something like that... but I wish I was! I have a lot of guy friends that I'm not super close with, but that every time we hang out I have a ton of fun, good conversation etc. And I always wonder the same thing... Why don't you take a chance on me?

Please keep us updated. If it works out, this could give my confidence and boldness a boost. Haha!

Kristin McElderry said...

The boy band link literally made my week. Oh my! Thanks for sharing.

Liz said...

Today (Dec 26) is Jared Leto's birthday. Guess how old he is. Who cares he's good looking.
My niece told me I should marry one of the guys from One Direction (the one from Ireland) when I told her he's way too young for me she told me he's 18 so I still have a shot. I think I'm going to go for it.