Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

When you're trying to watch what you eat, you start noticing certain patterns. Like that you eat when you're bored, or when you're sad, and when you're hungry. You know, things like that. Eating my emotions is one of my biggest temptations and because of that I've learned a lot about which emotion brings on which cravings. So much so that I even made up a little menu for my new restaurant: Eat your emotions! There are no prices on the menu because the price is the same for each item: regret.

In other thoughts, I'm having kind of a weird week. I keep accidentally falling asleep at 7:00pm which is pretty much the worst time to take a nap. Last night I changed into my workout clothes at 7:00, laid down on my bed "for five minutes" and woke up at 9:15. What the? I think my allergies are acting up or something (oh wait - is it still uncool to have allergies, or was that just a 90's thing?).

I'm also having a weird week because I was exposed to a song called "3 Second Rule," which you should only listen to if our friendship is strong enough for you not to hate me when you hear it. It's worse than Rebecca Black's "Friday." Here's a link, but remember my warning. I don't know how anyone allowed this to happen. Or why I've listened to it all the way through four times.

Now I'll leave you with the funniest image I've seen this week (I take no credit for it - I don't know who made it):

Happy Wednesday! 


Liz said...

I'll take one of everything on the menu

Nate Stamper said...

One of the best posts yet. And, contrary to Adam Rokas belief, a man can LOVE Downton Abbey, namely me! Netflixed that season in 3 evenings with my wife this week. I wish season 2 was up.

violet50 said...

That picture is very disturbing! I've spent so much of my life eating my emotions that my body doesn't know what to think. Good post!

NOURNME said...
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NOURNME said...

This is every episode of downton abbey...someone overhears something they shouldn't and the gossip/drama ensues. I like my drama's in latter says, like saints. That sharkgull was awesome. As far as the sleeping thing, fix it.

Sara said...

Allergies. I'm in the same shape.