Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Thoughts

Yesterday I saw a "news" story I could get behind (no pun intended). A plastic surgeon was being interviewed about what the most popular procedure is at his practice and his answer was butt implants. I was pretty excited about this since this is one thing I don't need a plastic surgeon's help with. Finally I can stop working out! (Kidding.)

I was telling this story to my sister, Katherine, last night, and next thing I know, I get a notification from Twitter that she mentioned me in a tweet:

Looks like I need to be more careful what I say.

While we're on the subject of working out, I have been really into hula hooping lately. It's not quite as embarrassing as it sounds (that's what I tell myself). These aren't the hula hoops from your childhood - you make them from irrigation tubing and they're pretty large. Besides my own, I made hoops for one of my sisters and a friend and we got together today after work to "hoop." Or as my friend referred to it, "Hoop Group."

I have not only been enjoying the actual sport of hooping, but I've also enjoyed acting like a total nerd about hooping, first by calling it "hooping," which is just silly. Second by telling my sister I have "hoop dreams" (to which she responded, "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that"), and third by working on hoop tricks. The whole thing is embarrassing slash awesome.

And it's really a good workout! It's kinda like belly dancing. Today we worked out in our church building because it was too cold to hoop outside. After normal hula hooping for a half hour, we started rolling the hoops down the gym and running through them (the record was five times through on one roll).

Try not to be too jealous.

Here's a picture of my friend and me hooping.

As close as I was willing to have a picture taken.
If you want in on hoop group, let me know. It's a really good workout and super fun. Here's a picture of my other sister excitedly realizing she can hoop with an adult sized hula hoop on Sunday. (Sorry, Heather - but this picture is too good!):

Happy Wednesday.


Heather said...

It was so exciting to actually hoop it up. All I can think of is ," hoop, there it is." I don't mind you putting my picture in. I think the pure joy on my face and my body language could really sell some people on "hooping". I think its about time big butts come back in style. I've been holding my breath waiting for it to happen. Maybe someone will come up with another good diggy like "baby got back". Classic.

Katherine said...

That's RIGHT, you'd better watch what you say... ;) I LOVE that picture of Heather!! The joy on her face and the hair blowing around!! SO good! It really is so much fun to hoop. Even if you DO keep talking about your hoop dreams...

lizzie mc.- said...

I have a friend that made hers and I tried it (remembering my childhood skills) then I found out my body doesn't work anymore. So I suggested that I get a child-size hoop, then I wouldn't have to move to keep it up!