Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

We're already at the end of June, which means summer is a third of the way over. As you know, I love summer, so I really don't want to waste any of it. Time to assess where I'm at, summer wise.

So far this summer I've:
  • Become addicted to bomb pops (I had four yesterday and was afraid my lips had permanently turned blue.)
  • Gone to two Tigers games
  • Been to Amococo (see pictures below)
  • Played frisbee
  • Gone swimming several times
  • Gone to an olde timey baseball game at Greenfield Village
  • Seen two fireworks displays
  • Ridden my bike into the ground
  • Saved a turtle
  • Saw the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys
  • Been to Lake Michigan & Ludington

Goals for the rest of the summer:
  • Go back to Ludington several more times and swim in Lake Michigan
  • Ween myself off of bomb pops (sad face)
  • See Strange fruit at the Ann Arbor summer festival. I saw them once a long time ago and they really were strange (but oddly, I saw no fruit.)
  • Go the the Fourth of July celebration at Greenfield Village
  • Attend the Ann Arbor Art Fair, even though I have a love/hate relationship with it
  • Either go to the Grand Canyon or buy season 3 of the Brady Bunch and watch the three episodes where the Brady's go there, and live vicariously through them. (Though quite frankly, I'm tired of living vicariously through the Brady Bunch.)
  • Attend a BBQ
  • Go to Cedar Point (in the works)
  • Survive a camping trip (you know how I feel about this)
...and so much more! What have you done this summer? What do you still want to do?

Happy Wednesday.


violet50 said...

You've done enough already to fill most people's whole summer! The list is impressive. Or maybe I'm just a slug. I, also, am tired of living vicariously through the Brady's. I want to REALLY go to Hawaii, but I don't want to find an evil tiki.

Maxabillion J said...

Go to the Grand Canyon!!

Jessica said...

Amococo looks so cool! I want to read more about all of these adventures you're having. We made a goal to go to at least three Michigan festivals this summer. We went to Balloon Fest, planning on going to the Cerry Festival and a Powerboat racing festival near/possibly on Lake Huron. Then we're going to NV in August, yay!!

Jessica said...


Eric said...

You've done way more than I have this summer already, but you forgot to list the Alma Highland Games as something you've done. i'm thinking I might need to take a nap after reading your list though.. geesh.. (and this is my 4th attempt at commenting on your posts but none of the others ever made it up and I don't expect this one to either)

Emily said...

You forgot:
1. Go to Wamplers Lake with my awesome friend Emily (Swimming, sunning, picnicing, and eating at Randy's Roadside BBQ in the Irish Hills)
2. Shop till you drop at the Morenci City-Wide Garage Sale (Biking, watching the Midwest's finest, getting chicken dinner at the Firehouse, icecream, and crossing the southern-most bridge in Michigan)
3. Visit the amazing Mecca that is Adrian, MI (Icecream, crazy kids, and good times on the front porch)

Are you excited? I can't wait! Only 10 more days!

And I don't know when it will happen, but we will definitely go to Ludington together again someday. I only think about it like every other minute.

brenda hatch said...

You do realize the Grand Canyon is in AZ, right?!

Melanie said...

I love summer! For me so far:
1. Movie in the park (Breaking Away)
2. Shakespeare in the Park (Hamlet)
3. Ethnic restaurants (lebanese, ethiopian, cajun, Chicago style pizza, etc)
4. Illinois side of Lake Michigan beach going
5. Played beach volleyball
6. Played Ultimate Frisbee
7. Tigers' Game (vs. White Sox)
8. Fireworks
9. Camping
10. Bonfires
11. Canoeing
12. Street art festivals
13. Taste of Chicago
14. Chicago Blues Festival
15. Art Institute of Chicago
16. Numerous concerts in the park (albeit of non famous people except for Iron & Wine)
17. International Cinema
18. Chinatown

Still in the works:
1. Kayaking Chicago River
2. Theater on the Lake
3. More Museums
4. Lincoln Park Zoo
5. Yellowstone
6. And taking the professional ethics exam for lawyers (umm yay?)

Katherine said...

So far I've: worked, taught, prepped for the Saline Celtic Festival, saw NKOTBSB (awesome!!!), tried 3 different flavors of soft serve at the Cone Shoppe (strawberry, pina colada, and black raspberry), went to Grand Rapids' Festival, went to Ludington, went to AA Summer Festival, ate some s'mores, went to a couple of BBQs, and enjoyed my air conditioner. I need to get on track with more summer fun!! Yet to do: catch fire flies, eat more s'mores, go back to Ludington, try more soft serve flavors, and live it up summer-style. :)

Sui Sin Far said...

Oh!Oh!Oh! Can you please organize a Cedar Point trip the last two weeks or first two weeks of August? I really want to do Cedar Point this year.

lizzie mc.- said...

Library story time w/ the kids.
Trip to UT and back including: visiting family, squaw peak, bridal veil, sewing stores, dinosaur exhibit @ Thanksgiving point, slow drive on winding mountain passes, puking kids(I would've skipped that happily)
Bowling. (My children always win.)
Children science museums. (Many more times.)

To do:
Science experiments (Rock candy counts.)
Blog more.
More bowling, hopefully win one.
Putt-putt. (No hope of winning.)
Harry Potter TODAY!
Visit new water park in town.
Send Postcard to Elizabeth for collection.